Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fabulous Fall

We are having a fabulous fall. I tell myself such positive things everyday. I will not complain, I will not, I will not...

Our garden harvest was great. Here's Lanelle with a sampling of it. I have been pureeing tomatoes all morning to freeze (and I'm not complaining about it.)
Aren't these babies the cutest?! Ariana with the eyebrows and Lanelle with the almost no eyebrows. They liked their tub time together, although Ariana could have done without the hair pulling. I think it was August that I was at the farm. Since then I've tried to stay at home and enjoy the last days of my home, which are pretty much over now. I dreaded that day at one time and am now very much looking forward to it. Mostly for the dishwasher. Only 4 more days.
The fall pictures were tricky this year with Kellen running around and Lanelle eating leaves...and then the camera battery died. I'm not complaining though. I was pretty impressed that I got as many good ones as I did.

I love my kids. They are growing up so much. Lanelle loves music and bounces to it with such excitement. She will sit for an hour and play with toys. She is so easy going! Kellen is potty trained now. He has been listening amazingly well lately. He is sleeping amazingly well and weaned himself from our bed to his own for the whole night. They are so easy to love!

I haven't posted in a while, because i only seemed to want to complain. I'm doing much better now. I'm learning and growing I suppose as much as my kids. I know God is blessing us, even though its not always the way or in the time frame I would like. We are having a fab fall!
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