Monday, July 23, 2007

Kellen's Latest

Kellen would prefer to eat fruit all day. I caught him munching on a plum before I put our Good Food Box away. He ate the whole thing without taking it away from his mouth (except for the few moments of screaming when I grabbed it to get the pit).

But the more significant news to report...Kellen slept through the night last night. He didn't wake up once! What did we do to acheive this? Nothing, really. Was it just a lucky night? Perhaps, but I'm holding my breath for tonight, hoping that we are entering a new phase.

I left Kellen and Ian overnight on Friday and enjoyed a scrapbooking/stamping retreat. Maybe that helped. Although he had still got up twice for me Saturday night. Anyhow, I may have to find reasons to leave overnight again to see if that brought on the lucky(?) night.

So, big news, eh? I'm sure all other parents can feel my excitement. Any guesses as to the likelihood of a continuing trend of more uninterupted sleep?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Fun, Summer Pictures

Too cute sitting at the fire, eating breakfast.
This one cracks me up. He looks like a monkey. Poor kid with a black eye and swollen face from all the mosquito bites. Those Northern mosquitos are mean and unstoppable. I laugh now, but I didn't that weekend.
These were on the way to Waskesiu, while he was still really looking cute.

Grandma's Visit

Now that I'm back to work and getting into a routine again (slowly), I thought I should post my fun summer pictures. Grandma's visit was a highlight. Planting flowers, snacking on the front step, playing at the playground, walking on the beach... Good times.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Restored Faith in Humanity

I didn't post our sad news earlier. I was too mad about it. When we got back from camp on Friday, Kellen's wagon was gone. It was stolen out of the backyard. I had a suspicion some kids may have taken it to the bike park behind out house and had some fun with it in the hills. So, Kellen and I took a long walk but had no luck finding it. I tried to accept that it was really gone, but every day I'd been looking out in the yard with hope that it would be returned. I was going to post earlier today and see if I could get people on the hunt for another second hand wagon for me to buy. No need now. Kellen and I went to enjoy some Saskatoons and ice cream outside after supper. Sitting just a couple feet from where I always park it...the wagon had magically reappeared!! I hadn't felt too trusting towards this town or anyone in it the last few days. When Kellen and I went for a walk, I was peeking into everyone's yard looking for the blue wagon. Tonight on our walk (with Kellen in the wagon) I smiled at everyone in their yards. Sometimes little things make a big difference. A returned wagon makes me feel like people aren't all bad. Thanks to whoever returned it, hope you had fun with it! Sorry to everyone that's heard me complaining about the missing wagon!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The ?

So, I guess I'd better answer the questions the question mark raised! I didn't feel like writing a post about it, so it was my little fun way of telling. I sure enjoyed hearing the discussions people had about that "?" I'm really not that far along (10 weeks?), but once we had told family and then we told people at the Bell reunion, there didn't seem much point in keeping the secret. (Sorry that I didn't call some people to tell you before you fould out on the blog...I'll make some calls soon.) We won't know until February who that "?" is, but I think I might find out if its a boy or girl in August. I didn't think I'd ever find out. It feels like spoiling the surprise. But, I'd actually like to fix up the room Kellen & baby will be sharing, since I've never done anything in there. It would be nice to know if I can make it all boy or if I need to keep it more neutral. Maybe that's a silly reason to find out. I also partly don't want to because last time the ultrasound technician told us most first time parents don't find out and most 2nd time parents do find out. I don't want to fit into that generalization for some reason. Maybe that is also a silly reason to not find out. What to you find out or not to find out?

We are very excited. I think I feel more cautious this time and am looking forward to the ultrasound to feel some reassurance that all is good. I had read somewhere, that many 2nd time moms are more nervous...maybe feeling that they lucked out once already with a healthy baby. I think that describes me. I'll have to take the lesson to heart that Kathy shared with the girls at camp about trust. God will take care of us no matter what. No question marks needed with that thought.

Girls Week

I've been feeling like the summer is going by way too fast and I'm not getting to enjoy it enough. But, after downloading all the pictures from the last couple of months, I realize how much we have done and how fun the summer has been so far! Girls week at Kenossee Camp was definately a highlight. Although after one experience with a couple of girls in the canoe...I really didn't want to play with those girls anymore! But, I remembered that growing up can be tough and sometimes at that age it is difficult to control your emotions and act as you should. I decided to let the frustration of that evening go. It's all good memories now. Even going out again to help 2 canoes that had troubles with the wind...after I was exhausted from fighting the wind back once was all an adventure! Thank God the wind died down at the perfect time for us to all get back! Kellen had his first experience with waterslides. Hopefully he'll forget and get over his fear. He was NOT happy when he got a face full of water and only enjoyed watching from a distance after that.
He spent many hours behind Nolan's lawn mower.
Having a snack before brunch. I should have got a video of these 2 when they first saw each other in the much excitement and a BIG hug every morning. It was so cute!
What a goof. He's learning what a camera is about.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Family Reunion Pics

Auntie Maxine and Monica long ago beat me to posting reunion pics, but here are some if you didn't see theirs. It's amazing how families grow. When I looked at this last picture, I wondered if Grandpa would have ever imagined having so many people in his family.

This has been my week off, but I can't believe its Friday already. Doesn't seem fair. We had truck problems on the way home. Didn't get home until Tuesday morning. But, partly my choice. We had made it to Regina (where the car was) and stayed at Andrea's, which was fun and relaxing. Got to watch Gillmore Girls. Now I'm hooked. So, I waited there until Ian had the truck now has a new water pump and clutch fan assembly (do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?) I tried catching up on things around the house and the garden on Wednesday. Then I decided that I should really enjoy the holiday, so the last 2 mornings Kellen and I have been at the beach. I guess that will be a much better memory than a weed free garden. Kellen is a little too social at times. He just makes himself at home with a group of kids, playing with their toys and begging for their snacks too. He wouldn't play with his pail and watering can...nope, he had to use theirs! It makes me laugh how he'll go up to other kids and tap them and try follow them around. Guess its his way of saying "hi". He gets some strange reactions sometimes. Not sure how to deal with his overly and sometimes unwanted friendliness sometimes.

Anyhow, there's a babbly update. I know it's been awhile. Next week we are at Kenossee Camp, so I'm hoping for good weather!