Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Stuff

Last weekend we went skiing with Tim and Sarina. Kellen slowed his mommy down a little but I got in some skiing too.
Kellen apparently gets motion sick. He got somewhat lethargic on the way up in the gondola and then puked. Luckily the guys we were riding up with were very understanding and even quick about handing me some napkins they had. As soon as we were on the ground and breathing fresh air, his color started coming back.

Gotta grow into his daddy's goggles.
I have been loving the spring weather this weekend, as has Kellen. He goes to the back door, whines, and pulls out his rubber boots. Like a true little boy, he goes right for the puddles, so we went through lots of clothes this weekend.

I've got lots of stuff in my head that I have been thinking about writing. As soon as I have a quiet day at home, I'll find some time to sit down and blog again!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yogurt Boy

Yogurt is good. Spoon not necessary. No more commentary needed.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Interesting Life

Ian hates when I say "interesting." He accuses me of using it inappropriately. He tells me that sometimes I genuinely mean that something is interesting. Sometimes it means "that is the stupidist thing I've ever heard, but I'm pretending it's interesting." Since it can have a double meaning, I guess it works for how I feel about life lately. I know these insignificant happenings aren't all that interesting, yet they've all added up to lots of frustrations and laughs for me and have made things "interesting" for me anyhow.

I thought last week was my bad week. My frustrations included: our truck breaking down, having to get up at 5:30am on my day off to drive Ian to work, having the work truck Ian borrowed getting stolen from our driveway, having to get up early to walk Kellen to the sitter and to work, witnessing conflict at work, hearing the accusations of racism in our workplace...The latter of which left me so unsettled. I thought it would be therapeutic last week to write about it all, but I never was able to write coherent thoughts. Anyhow, Ian finally was able to fix the truck on friday, nobody was upset about the work truck, and things around the office seem fairly resolved.

I had hopes that was it for "interesting" happenings. I started off Monday morning feeling super organized. I was up early and had chili made in the crockpot, with time to spare for some quality time with Kellen before going to the sitter's. I just was going to put a few dishes away. A falling mug from the cupboard hit the glass crockpot lid and shattered EVERYWHERE! I was late for work after cleaning up all the glass and was frustrated thinking I had to make supper again!! And, what am I going to do without a crockpot?? I was rushing when I got home from work to make supper and knocked a full bottle of syrup out of the cupboard, which broke and splattered extensively. It was a horrible sticky situation.

Interesting, frustrating, funny...whatever. I hope that's it for my bad luck.

Today is our 3-year anniversary. I'm going to surprise Ian tonight (I hope) with pie. Something he always asks me to do for him, and I haven't done yet. I'm hoping the pie will be made with no interesting stories to tell.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Yummy Snow

I enjoyed my day off. Took a nap with Kellen. Made muffins. Put a moose roast in the oven. Went for a walk with Kellen. Took pictures of all the snow we've had lately. Kellen decided to try eating it.
Several times.
Even though he made a funny face each time he took a lick.

Too bad his daddy didn't get to see the snow eating adventure. He spent the day fixing the leaky toliet. 3 trips to the hardware store, but it is fixed.

Ian is working a normal 40-hr week. 4-10 hr days. I hope this could last through the summer, not likely, but I can wish. For today, I just enjoyed all of us together. Relaxing and enjoying the coziness of a quiet day. I think all this snow is kinda yummy too.