Friday, July 28, 2006

Thanks for Babysitters

I've learned this week that having a babysitter is great. I thought it would take me a long time to leave Kellen with someone I didn't know. But, I really like a lady at work so I asked her daughter to babysit for an hour while I played tennis. This week has been full of tennis for me. A lady from Ottawa was visiting and its a long story but we got set up to play together and did everyday this week. Wow, how nice to have an hour to myself for something I enjoy. Today we only played for 1/2 hr and it started pouring. Since I was paying for an hour I decided to go for a run in the rain. Yeah! I asked the sitter to come back for an hour next week and we'll see what I, pick the beans... Having an hour to myself to get out of the house has been such a pick me up! I feel like I have more energy and a bigger smile!

I can hear through the baby monitor that the rain is pouring now. Makes me want to go make myself a cup of coffee to enjoy before Kellen wakes up. MMmmm...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I love my toes!

Kellen loves to chew on his toes. I think he is trying to master this skill before he moves on to the next one. I took this video at camp a few weeks ago. He was suppose to be going to sleep and when I checked on him, he had gotten his foot out of his sleeper somehow and was having a great time with his toes. Cousin Nolan (2 yrs) saw Kellen with his toes in his mouth and told Grandma on him. So Grandma asked if he could do it. He looked very puzzled, laid down, got his foot in his mouth, and was pleased with himself.

Anyhow, this video may bore some. It is longer than it needs to be (I should learn how to edit them, if its possible?!) But for those who don't get to and would like to see Kellen in action, here he is:

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Today I went to my friend/coworker wedding at Katepwa beach (beautiful location for a wedding). Since I have been married I always view weddings differently. Almost a time of renewal for my own vows. She said some beautiful things about her parents love & commitment to each other and her thankfulness for it. And she got choked up, which made me tear up. Anyhow it made me thankful for all the good in the world, especially happy marriages, faithfulness, steadfastness, and love. Something I needed after a rocky week and a rocky day. With Uncle Stan being so critically ill, it is hard to complain about anything in my life. But, with our truck being broken into and wrecked, a messy flood in our laundry room and running down our stairs (my fault) and a fight with my husband...I was frustrated with life today. But with love in the air tonight, I will remember the good in the world. It is so amazing to see all the people that are praying for Uncle Stan tonight. I thank God for faith, hope, and love.

And since this is All About Kellen yes he did pretty good tonight at the wedding and entertained the whole table. He especially flirted with the girls at the table, giving them lots of smiles and laughs. unfortunately I forgot my camera, so no cute pics of the day.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Prayers Needed

My heart is so heavy right now. My Mom has been calling me with updates on my Uncle Stan who is very sick. The last news I have received is not looking good. Please pray for him in surgery right now. Pray for his family. Pray for Maxine who has also just lost her dad this week. For more info, check out Stephen's blog:

Update 5:45pm:
Uncle Stan has made it through surgery, but may have to undergo more tomorrow. They are still worried about him through tonight. Please continue to remember him and his family.

Update 7:50pm
Mom just called. He has been transferred to Regina. It is very critical as his kidneys are not working well. I am going to pack up Kellen and go in. Please pray.

My Bit of Heaven on Earth

I enjoyed a little time in the garden yesterday, no not picking weeds AGAIN. I actually got to pick a lot of beans, some of which disappeared at supper. With Kellen I haven't found the garden as fun this year, as I always seemed to be behind on weeding and it was becoming more of a chore than a retreat. But, yesterday I got that old feeling back like I was in my own little bit of heaven. We've been eating lots of beets, zucchini, carrots, spinach...yummy!

I've also enjoyed the wild flowers that have come up in the front yard. I thought I had made a mistake planting them when they started coming up and it was hard to distingush weeds from flowers, but it's easy to tell the difference now!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Baseball star?

I know that Daddy is planning his tennis training schedule and ski trips already, but it looks like he might want to be a baseball star! He seems to think he's the best, showing us he's #1!

Girls Week

Kellen was the youngest camper at Girls Week. He did really well, despite too little sleep and too many mosquito bites. He had lots of good care from his Grandma while I was busy canoeing or doing other games with the girls. He had lots of Aunties also to take good care of him. Jenn was directing, Kathy was a teacher, and Sarina was in the kitchen. Jenn did an amazing job of running camp. It was an awesome week.
Kellen loved his bath time as much as ever in a rubbermaid tub.

He came to the waterslides but stuck to the moat...more his pace, for now. But, I'm thinking he'll be a wild man like his dad soon. In the swing at camp he didn't like nice easy swinging. He only liked it if I lifted him high and let the swing go hard. Yep, I think he's a crazy.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Family & Cypress Hills

We took a tour of Fort Walsh. Some of our crew were bad guys we learned. I think Tim's crime was stealing horses...tsk, tsk.

The scenery was incredible. I couldn't get over the wildflowers. So many and so gorgeous. Mom reminded me when we were on a family holiday there once, I was so taken with the wildflowers she bought me a book.
I think this must be the first family picture with Kellen in it.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Elvis and the Joy Bus

We had a great weekend in Cyprus Hills at the Reesor Ranch with the Ashby clan. What a great place to get together. Kellen did okay. The consensus seemed to be that he must be teething. Hope that's all it is. Anyhow, I have a bazillion things to do and Kellen is sleeping so I waste no more time here. Just had to share Ian's entertaining song. Life is never boring with him. Check out Elvis...