Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dear Lanelle,

You turned 4 this month.  You wanted a dinosaur cake and a few friends to come to your house.  We rolled out cookies and cut out dinosaurs, moose, squirrels, porcupines, and foxes.  You were so excited to have your girls over. You are so proud to tell everyone that you are 4.  You tell us that you are big now.  You tell me that you are sad cause you miss 3 year old class, which is what you call the dino dig experience at Drumheller.  Yes, you are all about dinosaurs.  You have many little dinosaurs that you love to play with and your favorite is a red guy you named Cinnamon.  You also love Sarah, your soft dinosaur.

You bring us so much laughter, you are so quirky and full of spunk.
 It's hard to get a "normal" picture of you.  You're always trying to do something silly.
 Your friends gave such sweet smiles while displaying the icing decorating they did on their piece of cake.

 You, of course, had to give a quirky smile.
 This winter you have fallen in love with skiing.  We were going to wait until next year to get you skis, but we're so glad we didn't.  You RUN to get ready when Dad says he'll take you skiing.  You never want to take a break.  You have surprised Dad with how quickly you've caught on and how much enthusiasm you have.
You are in love with your present from Auntie Andrea, such a cool dinosaur you are.  We love you Nell, such a free spirit you are.  You can make us throw up our hands, you are so stubborn sometimes.  But, I love to see how strong you are. 

You love big, especially your big brother and little sister.  You like to sleep with Kellen every night.  You get up asking where Neve is first thing.  You get so excited when Neve wants to give you a hug.  "She really loves me!!"  You are always wanting to be where Kellen is.  Even Evann, your new sitter, commented how differently you play on the days Kellen is home with you, cause you just want to do what he does.

We are so thankful for you and all the fun you bring into this home.  Love, Mom and Dad

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

feels like its been awhile

Organizing pictures tonight and enjoying the everyday simple treasures found here. Some serious randomness following... 

Cuddles on the couch.  Or trying too, even when she only has eyes for my coffee cup. 

 Things have not been only about xcountry skiing, although that seems to be my favorite thing.  Sometimes its the downhill skiing too:)  Even I went the other night.  Girls night out to the ski hill.  I was nervous, I haven't skied in years and I had Ian's equipments, such long skis...But I remembered how and had a great time!  So beautiful to see the lights of town at night from up there.
 Kellen had his first race, which he wasn't overly enthused about.  He's told me he doesn't like his class, cause he'd rather just ski fast with dad.  yet, at the race there was no speed whatsoever.  He was the most careful skier out there.  Definately wasn't going to crash.  It was cute though.  And we'll see, it's a new experience this year...
 I said random, didn't I? 
 It's a robot in case you didn't know.  Super fun spontaneous project with the kids for an afternoon.
 Oh, the joy of wearing big sisters sweater!  She often lets me know she wants this one out of the closet for her to wear.  So cute!
 Cardboard often pulled out of the recycling and glue pulled out of the cupboard.  he's growing up i saw, when he thought to put something under it so he didn't get glue on the floor!
 why not get dressed up as a princess and then walk around on pot lids??
 Evening excitement, digging out the dinasour bones from the dinasour egg.  didn't know that stocking stuffer grab would absolutely make them over the moon to practice being palentologists!
 Such little happy memories.

Happy tonight that I've got a cake made for Lanelle's birthday tomorrow.  Planned the day's menu with her.  Looking forward to celebrating her!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

zero degrees

On a January winter day in Sasktachewan, I don't know why we wouldn't take full advantage of a zero degree day.  We get our hot chocolate ready.  Because this girl would be horrified to not have her special drink on a winter outing.
 We get our skis and the chariot ready.  We marvel at the amazing sun and its beauty in this white wintery scene.

 We take good care of the passengers of the chariot.  Making sure the littlest one is comfortable, because she always falls asleep within minutes.  And that the bigger one has snacks to go.

We are a little sad when the truck comes into view after the last corner and the adventure is over, for today.