Friday, March 30, 2012


Sometimes I wonder why I can't seem to keep on top of the clutter in this house.  There is a little destroyer wandering around opening drawers and cupboards constantly lately.  And, pulling everything out that she can.  So much enjoyment she seems to get from it.
 She's so inquisitive about what she finds.  It really is so cute and it helps me to let go of the frustration (a little bit anyhow) of the constant picking up I seem to do.

We are also packing boxes these days, so she's been finding them fun to get in.  The packed boxes are now sitting on the table so she can't undo ALL my work.  In about a month we'll be moving to our acreage.  Surprised?  Well, so are we.  We looked for a couple of years now, but Ian always said no.  I was really beginning to think that although he liked the idea of the lifestyle, he didn't really want to live it.  But, he found one that he said YES to.  It happened fast, because this place is so good.  We made an offer immediately, and because we live in a small town, we heard other offers were also put on it quickly.  We know we are being blessed in a beautiful way to get such a great place and not be going into crazy debt.  The house inspection went great, conditions have been removed, the possession date is still up in the air (depending on when the family's next house is available for them).  So we wait, and organize, and pack.  We dream, we plan, and sometimes stress a little.  It's great, but change makes challenges.  I think I have some character growth coming my way.  I'm so looking forward to being moved and settled.  Going to be trying to just embrace craziness and roll with it, because I don't want to forget this is a beautiful dream coming true.  Soon, I might be taking a walk out my front door to gather some fresh eggs :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

hello Friday!

I am so in love with Fridays.  Wake up a little slower, make pancakes, go to story time at the library, just hang out with the kids. 

Today we went to the park after the library with Angela (and I had made a quick dash to the coffee shop to fill my travel mug, mmm!).  The kids were playing awesome and it was so beautiful outside.  Of course, water started filling the rubber boots.  Oh, well.  Then as we were about to leave, Kellen got stuck in the swishy mud.  Up to the top of his boots and he was stuck.  I loved it.  Isn't that like a rite of passage all kids must go through?  He ended up finally getting out, with tears and only one boot.  I had Neve in the wrap and couldn't retrieve it.  I told him it was almost lunch and when Dad was home, I'd come back with rubber boots on and retrieve it, but he was so sad.  Angela saved the day and got it out.  It was so heavy with mud and wet inside, plus his foot full of mud, he ended up walking home barefoot.  Hehe!  Such a fun memory.  Angela had her camera, so she'll have to hook me up...

Neve had a long nap.  The kids road bikes in the bay.

So happy Neve was when she woke up,and it was so gorgeous out, we all went for a walk/ride.  I can't believe the pictures I took just on Sunday with so much snow, and it disappeared so fast!

Ian took the kids to the city to go to a movie, the chipmunk one.  Oh, I kind of felt like I was missing out.  But, its nice to stay home and put Neve to bed. Maybe she would have been fine to tag along, but maybe not and I just didn't want to find out.  And, I have to say I have loved every minute of peace I've had.  I been having a wild and crazy night.

...organizing my yarn stash and documenting it in ravelry so I can make my plans for all I've accumulated.  I'll be knitting for years with what I have.  Please slap me if you ever here me talk about buying more.  Hope you've enjoyed this beautiful Friday!

Monday, March 12, 2012

these days

These warm days are changing our usual and giving us some new experiences.  They make us treasure wintery moments just a little more, because we know they are rapidly disappearing.
 :: These days are for a new first.  Walking on a sidewalk with pride written all over her face.
 :: an early Sunday morning ski before the snow is too warm.  Love the early morning light.  Such a different auditory experience skiing on this icy snow - crunch, crackle... especially comparing it to last weekends super soft fresh snow.  It's not something I get much sympathy about, my being sad about this winter ending, but I'm not quite ready for the skiing to be over...  So, I took the time to stop and take pictures and appreciate it all.

 :: Wondering what they are doing and how do I walk on this slippery stuff.  Oh, the snowman making joy!

 :: and finding the warmest, sunniest spot in the yard to watch the snowman making.
 So warm today, there was soccer on the driveway with Dad after work.  And a walk to DQ to celebrate a good dentist visit (ha, i love the irony of that).  I was sure Kellen must have cavities but they say he's great, it's just his enamel that doesn't look so hot.  Super relieved.  Thankful for so many good things these days.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

something special

I think since being back at work, we might have even done more special things together than when I was at home all day with the trio.  Well, that's probably not true, but with the routine of choosing something special after supper together, its seems like a more marked or memorable moment of the day.  Pop 'N Hop is always a favorite (but everyone has to be in a good mood before we start, or it always ends badly with someone crying about getting bumped back or *gasp* losing!)
 Simple experiments have become popular around here.  Mixing colors, predicting what will happen, so fun.
 Mixing flour and water and coloring to make a "finger paint" was one of those over-the-moon-excited times.

 Because who doesn't want to paint the bathtub and themselves before bathtime?  okay, not me particularly, but their excited chatter and howls kind of made me think about it ;)
The pressure is on now though, Kellen is starting to ask - what's something special we can do tonight?

Monday, March 05, 2012

Kellen's 6!

Dear Kellen,
You turned 6 last month.  Oh, how time is flying.  You've lost 3 teeth already.  You are getting close to being able to read.  I love watching you learn.  I love your curiosity.  You always ask to do experiments and you love vinegar and baking soda!  You still have lots of questions (although, thankfully, not as many as when you were 2 and nearly drove me crazy!)

You sure have a love for Star Wars.  That's the kind of cake you wanted.  You liked the idea of decorating with your "guys" and you wanted to do it.  And, what a story you had to tell about what was happening on that chocolate cake.  I love your imagination.

You couldn't wait to have your friends over.  You've talked about it for months.  We decided on a lego star wars theme.  What other option there would be this year, I'm not sure.  It's pretty much your only choice of activity.  As you grow, it's so fun to see how you build differently, with more direction and planning.
 Even Dad helped with party preparations, and took more care than I was giving the "Pin the Lego Man Together" game we made. Ah, a labour of love.
 You were excited about the new K'nex monster trucks I got for a building race.
 You love to win and aren't so sure about the losing, so that was a bit tough when you a Jaxson finished right behind the other team.  But you are growing up and handle those disappointments a little better every time.
 You thought it was so funny to put one of the bad guys under the little ship.  I'm love your silliness and your laughter.
 You asked for a pinata, which I didn't think we'd be able to arrange, but you are lucky to have Auntie Andrea, who made the dream come true.  You loved the pirate ship.

Kellen, I'm so thankful for you.  You teach me so much.  Sometimes through challenges and sometimes with your thoughtfulness.  You have such a sensitive soul, its usually pretty easy to correct you.  You don't like feeling like you did wrong.  You love so sweetly, especially your little sisters.  Lanelle hurt her knee at your party and cried and cried.  She finally recovered when you hugged her and asked if she wanted tickles.  Seems you are the only one who can cheer her up sometimes.  And Neve, well, I can already see how she thinks the world of you and wants to be just like you.  I love when you do things like sing her to sleep when she was crying in her carseat or share a banana with her.  You are the best big brother they could ask for. 
 You two are so sweet, always wanting to sleep together.  Who manages to fall asleep like this? and to sleep this way for hours?  haha!

So glad you are my boy.  Love you always, Mom