Friday, March 30, 2012


Sometimes I wonder why I can't seem to keep on top of the clutter in this house.  There is a little destroyer wandering around opening drawers and cupboards constantly lately.  And, pulling everything out that she can.  So much enjoyment she seems to get from it.
 She's so inquisitive about what she finds.  It really is so cute and it helps me to let go of the frustration (a little bit anyhow) of the constant picking up I seem to do.

We are also packing boxes these days, so she's been finding them fun to get in.  The packed boxes are now sitting on the table so she can't undo ALL my work.  In about a month we'll be moving to our acreage.  Surprised?  Well, so are we.  We looked for a couple of years now, but Ian always said no.  I was really beginning to think that although he liked the idea of the lifestyle, he didn't really want to live it.  But, he found one that he said YES to.  It happened fast, because this place is so good.  We made an offer immediately, and because we live in a small town, we heard other offers were also put on it quickly.  We know we are being blessed in a beautiful way to get such a great place and not be going into crazy debt.  The house inspection went great, conditions have been removed, the possession date is still up in the air (depending on when the family's next house is available for them).  So we wait, and organize, and pack.  We dream, we plan, and sometimes stress a little.  It's great, but change makes challenges.  I think I have some character growth coming my way.  I'm so looking forward to being moved and settled.  Going to be trying to just embrace craziness and roll with it, because I don't want to forget this is a beautiful dream coming true.  Soon, I might be taking a walk out my front door to gather some fresh eggs :)


Angela said...

we are so excited for you!!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! You guys did it! How fun.....and so happy for you! miss you. sarah c