Monday, April 09, 2012

happy Easter

hello, Easter weekend.  And, goodbye.  We greeted you with enthusiasm and headed off to the cabin.
 Even though it was raining.  Okay, in all honesty, I had zero enthusiasm.  Because packing is just so much work.  Although there weren't that many clean clothes to pack, which made me feel like I shouldn't be going. Laundry, house packing for a major move, and the worry of what are we going to do with the house.  Are we renting? selling?  do we have time to do those jobs the house needs?  will we have time to paint at the new place before we move in?  Will we even be able to make the life we want on the acreage? I didn't even know until my mind had time to think, on the rainy drive away from town and towards the north, that worry had invaded me.
 While I sat (and knew I was in a bad place, because I didn't even want to pick up my knitting *gasp*) I remembered sharing, just a short while ago with some lovely ladies, that I had learned a lesson about trust and faith the last time we moved houses and the buying and selling wasn't exactly a easy time.  And, at the end of my story, I said, but I suppose its easy to say I learned to trust God when I am know sitting in a comfortable, easy place.  Maybe I would find I didn't learn the lesson if we were in a difficult situation again.  I wouldn't say we are even in a difficult situation, and I am already forgetting and worrying.
 So I thought and prayed and though the worry in me wasn't instantly gone, it lessened.  I knit.  I dreamed again about why we are moving.  And, I think by the time we arrived, I was ready to be there, as were the kiddos.

 We hiked a little, but that rainy cold didn't make us want to stay away from the warm fire in the cabin for very long.
 The next morning, our walk wasn't any nicer. 
 Although it was kind funny to see the most snow I've seen all winter on this cabin weekend.
 Some of us didn't care there was a blizzard.  It sure made me feel cozy.


Angela said...

how can we help? Does it make a difference to tell you we are excited for you, although we are a little heart broken if we won't get to see you as much. That is a little fear I have ;) We can take kids or I can leave my kids and come help pack.

Janelle said...

Working it through, over and over again. Letting ourselves be called back to peace. I am excited for you guys!

Moving forward Looking for the Joy! said...

Hi Janet, I haven't seen you for so long!!! Where have you moved to ??!!