Sunday, April 22, 2012


Yesterday, we picked up Snow (this is not him, I forgot to take a picture).  He's a Great Pyrenees, although Snow seems to not have so much of the Great (size wise that is).  He's smaller than we expected, but as long as he does his job on the acreage that's okay.  Although he is already a year old, apparently the pyrenees will keep growing until they are 2, so we'll see.  We found him a home for 5 weeks till we get to take him home!  He is amazing with the kids, which is one of the reasons I wanted a pyrenees.  Kellen was loving playing fetch with him yesterday.  Hopefully he'll prove his other purpose by keeping coyotes and foxes out of the yard and away from our future chicken and sheep.

Anyhow, I just stopped by here I guess so that I would remember the day.  The excitement and apprehension I felt the night before, I laughed and told Ian it felt like we were going to pick up a baby.  I've never owned a dog, or really cared to.  But, I picked the pyrenees, I found Snow, and choose him, and I love him.  And, I think having him has really reminded me we are not just telling a story when we say we are moving to an acreage.  This dream really is happening.  And so, I must go and pack a few more boxes while Neve naps and the others have gone to visit Snow.  Welcome to the family, Snow!

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Angela said...

yipee! Can't wait to meet him. Sorry I missed your call today to hike the hill. We were outside all afternoon too and I just got the message at 8pm! Of course, after a full afternoon of playing, once we are winding down and getting supper, Ivan has a big protest that he didn't get to play with Kellen, so we'll need to find some time for play together in all this nice weather!