Friday, April 27, 2012

Rest & Relaxation

We've enjoyed so many beautiful days this last while.  It's not helping us to quit procrastinating and get packing.  I'm always happy to get the sprinkler out and enjoy the squeals and laughter.  Lanelle is the real little water bug who usually initiates this activity and is always so excited to wear her "swimmings".  I love her words.  Like how she called my bag of raw alpaca wool that Ian picked up for me.  "Mom, we got a surprise for you!!  Some KNITTINGS!"

It's been good to take time to rest, by biking over to the beach the last few evenings and watching the sun dip low.  Everyone is so relaxed, to be out of the house, and enjoying the beauty around us.  It's so easy to feel guilty about that when there is so much to do and so much to get accomplished, but in looking at how good it was for relationships and our outlook on life, I think we should change perspective.  What if we felt guilty for always trying to get stuff done and NOT taking the time for restful activities and refueling times?  Even though I was finding myself having to do dishes and housework after the kids were in bed, I didn't feel the usual drudgery of dish duty.  I'm going to need to remind myself this next little while how rest improves life and keep things balanced.

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