Monday, April 23, 2012

Sibling Love

I know I've got great kids, but they are no angels.  Lots of sibling fights around here, but I am also constantly amazed at the amount of sibling love too.  This little Neve, is so in love with her big brother and sister.  Such great big hugs she gives them.  They run out of patience with her sometimes when she is determined to get into one of their projects, but they are pretty willing to help her get what she wants too.

This morning, Neve was refusing to eat and putting up a big fuss about even being in her chair, so she ended up on my lap, but demanded to get on the table intent on her sister's bowl.  No matter, that it was the same oatmeal, she ate heartily while her Nells fed her.  So sweet watching them share breakfast.  I know they'll have they fights as they get older, but I hope they keep their strong sibling love.
 And this boy may like to pretend he's tough, playing guns and fights and such.  But he really is a sweetie, especially when it comes to his sisters.  Nellie pushes him pretty hard though, and just recently he has started hitting her back and setting some boundaries with her when she gets so firery and so, "Nellie-like", which is probably mostly a good thing.  I know he'll always be there when she needs him.
I know I shouldn't even try to choose favorite things of this whole parenting journey, there really are too many wonders.  But definately some of my most treasured moments are watching these 3 love each other.

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