Monday, April 14, 2008

What we've been thinking about...

Kellen's been thinking about big trucks these days. These pics are from last week when there was a little work being done on our street. He was in awe. This week they've started working where the new co-op is going up. He asks everyday if we can go look at the big trucks. I saw the workers laughing at us today while I tried to convince him it was time to go, which was making him very mad. Yeah, they will soon know he is their biggest fan.

I have been thinking a lot about balance since Lanelle has arrived, and I suppose often before that to. I'd love to feel like I had a perfectly balanced life. I think that would require double the hours in a day for any of us to feel like we could acheive a balance. I liked an article in Today's Parent called Balance Backlash. I think a great quote was "If your idea of balance is doing as much as you can in a day, then you will never experience the extraordinary moments in your everyday life." It was suggesting that you have to realize that your life isn't going to miraculously going to change, but find a way to live differently to feel joy today. The whole article got me thinking that I won't someday achieve a perfect balanced life if I get organized enough so that I can have a perfectly clean house, organized files, healthy meals planned all ahead of time and always on the table on time, quality time with kids, work outside the home, devotion/Bible reading/prayer time and exercise everday (and not to forget we all need some quality "me time" or self care too) - all without feeling stress. It would never happen and I'd go crazy trying to achieve it.

Then John McMillan spoke at Auntie Vi's funeral and mentioned the idea that has stuck in my head - balance vs. harmony. Balance means there are opposing forces. Harmony is defined as "a pleasing combination of elements in a whole." Pleasing would indicate something that is not stressful. The idea of achieving balance is stressful to me - too many opposing forces and not enough time. I'd like to have a "harmonious life". Whatever exactly that would look like. I didn't say my thoughts would have any great conclusions. Just some themes in my life that seem to be popping up lately and making me think. I'd like to let go of the idea of balance and find harmony.
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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I got no title.

Here's just some random pictures to update you on are same old lives. The days role by so fast with so much of the same...diaper changes, nursing, breakfast, cleaning up, play, nursing, lunch, cleaning up, diaper changes, nap, nursing, making supper, playing outside, supper, nursing cleaning up, reading books, bath, bedtime. I am thankful there's enough special moments in there to make it all worth it. I loved hearing Kellen say "Baby Nell. Read book. Peter...." He decided on his own to sit down and read her his book about Peter. And she did seem interested. She already smiles when she sees him. We get in enough play dates where I get adult conversation that I keep sane. Mostly he hangs out with older girls and they put up with him amazingly well! I need to run, we are off to Moose Jaw to hang out with Julia and Jedd for the afternoon...WOOHOO! I guess the days fly by not only because of the same old routine, we seem to stay busy enough!
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