Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Driving Like Daddy

I had a glimpse into the future. Kellen will and already is learning to drive like Daddy.

We are missing Daddy again. Since his company lost the Regina contract with SaskTel, Ian has been doing a lot more travelling. We are hoping that we will get good news about a job in town here that he applied for soon. I'm tired of the long, quiet evenings and I'm getting a big lesson about how frustrating simple things would be for a single parent. It's hard when you never get a break. After listening to Kellen roll around, talk, yell, and cry in his crib for an hour tonight I finally took him for a walk - truly to keep my sanity, not to help him get to sleep.

So, please pray that a better job will soon be found. We miss Dad.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

My First Mother's Day

You would think from my title that I am going back to May 2006. No, I am referring to today. I don't mean to be negative about the 2 Mother's Days I have experienced so far. There is just absoulutely nothing memorable about them. Sorry, Ian, if this makes you look bad. Perhaps you deserve it though. No cards, no flowers, no breakfast in bed, no kid-free time, no family picnic, no dinner out.

However, that is all forgotten after today. Ian offered to take Kellen to Regina with him while he did some shopping and errands. I almost had a tear watching them drive away this afternoon. But I soon forgot the momentary sadness. I HAD THE AFTERNOON AND EVENING ALL TO MYSELF!!! I have weeded and watered my garden and my flowers (in peace, without yelling "Kellen, come back!" or having to replant anything that got yanked). I have done laundry, cleaned the house, paid bills, filed the piles of paper that had accumulated, done dishes...okay, maybe that doesn't sound like a real exciting Mother's Day. But to get caught up on things and organized, to have some time with my thoughts, to have peace and quiet, and to not feel in a hurry...I did enjoy every minute of it. I am now sitting down to scrapbook with some homemade hot cocoa. Wow. What a day. Best Mother's Day ever!

Beginning of Beach Season

Last Sunday beach season offically started for us. Hope there's lots more this summer. Kellen loved it, after he realized the waves weren't really so scary.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Swimming in Saskatoon

Kellen spend 2 days last week with Josiah and Linaya in Saskatoon while I attended the 2nd Annual North American Indigenous Food Symposium. I learned alot, as I think Kellen did also. I was told he wasn't so sure about the swimming pool at first but soon learned it was fun! When I look at the pictures it seems he may have learned how to terrorize younger babies, splashing them!

Thanks so much, Melissa & Robert for taking us in and taking care of Kellen!