Saturday, June 09, 2007

My First Mother's Day

You would think from my title that I am going back to May 2006. No, I am referring to today. I don't mean to be negative about the 2 Mother's Days I have experienced so far. There is just absoulutely nothing memorable about them. Sorry, Ian, if this makes you look bad. Perhaps you deserve it though. No cards, no flowers, no breakfast in bed, no kid-free time, no family picnic, no dinner out.

However, that is all forgotten after today. Ian offered to take Kellen to Regina with him while he did some shopping and errands. I almost had a tear watching them drive away this afternoon. But I soon forgot the momentary sadness. I HAD THE AFTERNOON AND EVENING ALL TO MYSELF!!! I have weeded and watered my garden and my flowers (in peace, without yelling "Kellen, come back!" or having to replant anything that got yanked). I have done laundry, cleaned the house, paid bills, filed the piles of paper that had accumulated, done dishes...okay, maybe that doesn't sound like a real exciting Mother's Day. But to get caught up on things and organized, to have some time with my thoughts, to have peace and quiet, and to not feel in a hurry...I did enjoy every minute of it. I am now sitting down to scrapbook with some homemade hot cocoa. Wow. What a day. Best Mother's Day ever!


charla said...

I so know what you are talking about Janet. Mother's day didn't happen here either and my advice is don't expect too much from it (guys have a really hard time with that one I think) - just enjoy those breaks if you can get them! It is really pathetic how much I enjoy being able to have some time without kids just so I can do the laundry in peace - scary but true.

Anonymous said...

Good job Ian! It always pays to keep your wife sane.

Crystal said...

I exactly know what you mean. No acknowledgment, no card, no thankyou's, no meals made, etc.... Paul's comment has been, "Well, you're not my mother!" HA! It would be a great excuse if he actually did something for his own mother but he doesn't, HA nice try PAUL! Anway... it is wonderful to have those free moments alone. You can actually hear your own thoughts. Enjoy them while you get them. It's amazing how much work you can actually get done with no kids around. But we are all truly blessed to have them around, even if it takes 5 hours longer to complete a task. It is all worth it!
Your pictures at the beach are fantastic. I really like the one with Kellen & Ian venturing into the water. Very precious.
Here's to many more moments...
Thanks for sharing, Crystal

Laurie said...

Wow! I think you have experienced every mother's dream! LOL ......and yes, being able to do all those things without any interruptions does sound lovely!! So happy to hear you had such a nice day to yourself!! And to top off the day, you did get some ME time with the hot cocoa and scapbooking!!! How did today go (Father's day!?) :)