Monday, June 27, 2011

Come to the Cabin

You might feel like you did after you look at all the pictures I can't seem narrow down any further.  I think I have 150 just from this weekend.

We headed off in our un-airconditioned truck.  Lots of happiness anyhow.

Although its about a 2 1/2 hour drive, this year it seems to take us a minimum of 4.  We arrived for a very late supper.  Some of us bright eyed and bushy tailed...
Some of us not so much.  Not even the smell of bacon would wake up this girl.

So happy to be at the cabin, and especially happy to arrive and unpack before this blew in...

Some of our crew was worried this would put a damper on the outdoor plans.  I secretly thought a cozy weekend with lots of books, games, and of course knitting, sounded just fine.

The next morning was beautiful - calm, cloudy, and warm.  And I was not disappointed to enjoy these moments.

Although we got the fishing crew out kind of late to have much success, thankfully we got one good sized one to be excited about for supper.

The thought has crossed my mind that we should get a second bike, which I don't think we will, but it would be nice.  However, Kellen and I had a great hike (although this mama was a little nervous the whole time about bears).  We had a whole lot more interesting things to report when we got back to the cabin.

Did I mention Neve was an excellent little hiker also?

I now have a wrap I would like to sell.  I realized I had not brought a sling, wrap or carrier for Neve on the way up, so we stopped at Fabricland where there was luckily a 50% sale going on (otherwise it would have been $80 for 4m of cotton knit!  And I would have likely been without a carrier for Neve!)  They were so helpful and cut the material down the middle for me - anyone want a red one like I am wearing?? $20!

These are likely my 2 favorite moments from the weekend:

 Neve was so proud to be hanging out with her big brother on the porch.
And, I got some knitting time on the porch!

Okay, I shouldn't have tried to pick favorite moments, there really were too many.  This was another memorable moment - I realized this man has really relaxed.  Everyone was unhappy (well, mostly Neve) on the drive home (even though we had already had 3 breaks) and when I suggested we find a park at the next town, he did.  With no complaining about the trip home that keep seeming to get longer and longer.  And, he seemed to really enjoy it.  I think my heart swelled watching him play like a kid with them. 

I hope you had a fabulous weekend also!

Monday, June 20, 2011

what I need (or want anyways)

Tonight I need a housecleaner.  Please, I just want to knit.

Tonight I need to go to bed earlier.  Because I would really like to get up earlier.  Before the kids.  But its really hard when I stay up so late.

Tonight I need to remember how much fun it was to dance to this super song.  Not just once, but at least 15 times, in a row.  Kellen was still asking for one more time when I headed upstairs to make lunch.

Tonight I need to be thankful that Ian is such a wonderful father and made our family bike ride tonight an adventure, even though I know he was tired. 

Tonight I need to be thankful for our dry house while so many are struggling with flooding and water in basements.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

our week so far.

This week has been flying by.  Tonight I found myself wondering where the time has gone and how had it slipped away without doing much of anything.  Then I looked at my camera and I started remembering. 

Oh yeah, we started the week by calling friends monday morning and adventuring together to see if the lake had moved back to give us our beach again.  I wondered what would be there, and although there is no beach yet, the playground is no longer under water.  Yay!

She swung.  (Her favorite thing, its never enough.)

And Dominque built.

And they climbed.  A little adventure was the perfect way to start our week.

Kellen came home from his afternoon at Pre-K with his scholastic order and HAD to dive into his new dinosaur activity book.

 The volcano painting was too fun and he just couldn't quit adding more paint.  He had to mop it up.  And add more paint.  mop.  paint.  repeat.  (no, he did not want another paper, "THIS is the best painting ever!")
Lanelle was sticking with me and blowing the orange paint onto our picture.  We had a great exploding volcano.  She didn't want to quit blowing, so she got herself some water and made her own version of a volcano.

Tuesday we enjoyed playgroup at our house.  Kellen had soccer practice and we stayed and played on the playground after with friends until WAY past bedtime.

This morning we had a special breakfast.

I don't think I've ever eaten oatmeal outside in the morning. We plan to do it again, maybe regularly, because it was the best start to the day. We watered the garden. We read 12 books on the swing (really), and we talked about each one in detail.  And, check out Lanelle's shirt, I finished sewing her flounce top yesterday.
And somewhere in there, I finished knitting this romper and did the dreaded button sewing tonight.

Hmmm, and I felt this week was slipping away on me.  Too many fun things have been going on here to think that!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Neve's Quilt

It's been busy around here, you might not know if from the messy kitchen, the unfolded laundry or the untidied house.  But...

Neve's got a finished quilt from Grandma, just like her big brother and sister.

And I *think* I could now make one on my own.
And, the kids really enjoyed having Grandma come for a visit.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Flowers and Fun

Yesterday was such a beautiful day.  We were off to the greenhouse at about the same time we had been rolling out of bed last week.  I absolutely love walking into a greenhouse - the colors and the smell, wow!
 I was so impressed with how much attention and help we got (afterwards I thought maybe it was to make sure the kids weren't running wild, but she didn't make me feel like that at the time.  It seemed like genuine interest in the kids.)
 The kids were so excited to pick out their flowers, but the suckers and the teddy bear plants they were given really made it an over-the-moon kind of exciting adventure.

Friday, June 03, 2011


Yes, I'm still knitting away around here, even though its summer and it seems like a winter thing to do. This sweater, called Baby Sophisticate, was finished well in advance for Baby Kingston's shower (yes, I was proud about that), but I found myself sewing on the buttons the day before. I really hate putting buttons on. If you are on ravelry you can get the pattern for free here. If you are not a member on ravelry, you should be and its free to sign up. Although its probably not that useful if you never knit or crochet, ha.

I love this pattern and have a feeling i may make this sweater several time. I have some yarn to start one for Neve. I'm trying to finish my current project, but its hard to wait. It's so cute!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tree Fort

Kellen has always begged Dad for a tree fort. Dad finally decided it was time to build one. Kellen was over the moon excited. Dad looks perplexed. But, in a few minutes they were busy building.

3 days later, its nearing completion.

Kellen is planning a party for its grand opening. So, he'll be making sure Dad gets in shingled and painted soon.

Last night after our slow pitch game, we had the whole family in there eating ice cream. It's definately sturdy. The kids are already asking if they can have a sleepover in it. I'll be putting that adventure off for awhile. I am enjoying imaging all the fun they will have in there.