Wednesday, June 15, 2011

our week so far.

This week has been flying by.  Tonight I found myself wondering where the time has gone and how had it slipped away without doing much of anything.  Then I looked at my camera and I started remembering. 

Oh yeah, we started the week by calling friends monday morning and adventuring together to see if the lake had moved back to give us our beach again.  I wondered what would be there, and although there is no beach yet, the playground is no longer under water.  Yay!

She swung.  (Her favorite thing, its never enough.)

And Dominque built.

And they climbed.  A little adventure was the perfect way to start our week.

Kellen came home from his afternoon at Pre-K with his scholastic order and HAD to dive into his new dinosaur activity book.

 The volcano painting was too fun and he just couldn't quit adding more paint.  He had to mop it up.  And add more paint.  mop.  paint.  repeat.  (no, he did not want another paper, "THIS is the best painting ever!")
Lanelle was sticking with me and blowing the orange paint onto our picture.  We had a great exploding volcano.  She didn't want to quit blowing, so she got herself some water and made her own version of a volcano.

Tuesday we enjoyed playgroup at our house.  Kellen had soccer practice and we stayed and played on the playground after with friends until WAY past bedtime.

This morning we had a special breakfast.

I don't think I've ever eaten oatmeal outside in the morning. We plan to do it again, maybe regularly, because it was the best start to the day. We watered the garden. We read 12 books on the swing (really), and we talked about each one in detail.  And, check out Lanelle's shirt, I finished sewing her flounce top yesterday.
And somewhere in there, I finished knitting this romper and did the dreaded button sewing tonight.

Hmmm, and I felt this week was slipping away on me.  Too many fun things have been going on here to think that!

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Sarina said...

I love the new look your blog has Janet! And Lanelle's shirt...and especially Neve's romper - how cute is that?! It's always fun to read about what you guys have been up to. Looking forward to seeing you all on the 1st!