Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tree Fort

Kellen has always begged Dad for a tree fort. Dad finally decided it was time to build one. Kellen was over the moon excited. Dad looks perplexed. But, in a few minutes they were busy building.

3 days later, its nearing completion.

Kellen is planning a party for its grand opening. So, he'll be making sure Dad gets in shingled and painted soon.

Last night after our slow pitch game, we had the whole family in there eating ice cream. It's definately sturdy. The kids are already asking if they can have a sleepover in it. I'll be putting that adventure off for awhile. I am enjoying imaging all the fun they will have in there.


Angela said...

OK, I definitely should have gone out back to see it- it looks great in the pics! Thanks so much for the fun time. It's those moments that recharge us and help us to know that this is becoming home.

Stephanie said...

That looks so fun! I'm sure Kellen is loving it. I'm even a little jealous... ;)

Davis Family said...

Good job Ian!! Looks great.