Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kellen's teeth

I think I was cruel to Kellen tonight. I didn't really mean it. I found the kids eating crackers in bed and I was super frustrated. After lecturing them about not getting food without asking and to never have crackers in bed, I also added that "you had already brushed your teeth!"

"ahhh, no, we have to brush our teeth again," Kellen exclaimed. Still feeling super frustrated with the long bedtimes we've been having, I answered loudly, "no way, you already did that once! Too bad, now the sugar bugs will eat your teeth tonight!" That was followed by lots of wailing from Kellen. Oh, his poor teeth!

"my teeth will all be gone?!" waahhh! I told him I was just kidding as I rolled on the floor laughing.

"You mean just some of them will be gone?" wahhh!

It would have been quicker to just let him brush his teeth again than the time it took to reassure him that I truly was kidding and his teeth would all be there in the morning. Sheesh!

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