Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Reflections

I love rainy days. We went to story and rhyme time at the library. Dropped off the very excited big kids at Betty's to play with their friends. I read and had coffee in a quiet house this morning. And this afternoon I've been getting stuff done!

I learned if we stay out till midnight, the kids will sleep in. I also learned, its hard to get out of the 'late to bed, late to rise' routine. Crokinole at Sheena's was worth it though.

I hope we will soon get some dry weather so I can finish planting my garden.

I am looking forward to a special baby shower tomorrow. Just finished sewing on buttons of the sweater for the special boy.

I enjoyed many moments this week - especially adventuring up the hill to the flagpole for lunch with the Cochranes.

I will always love this special picture from this week.

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Holly said...

This is a really great family picture and the Cochrane's can't wait for our next adventure.