Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Neve Lavine

Neve Lavine arrived 11:37pm on Friday, January 21st. We all love her to pieces already. And Mommy is pretty tired, so I'll just leave these pictures...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

All About Kellen

We picked up Kellen a late Xmas present on the way through the city on Boxing Day. I really wanted to get him skis, maybe for selfish reasons. He's be talking more about hockey and which of his friends play. I would love the skip that whole rink scene. Before anyone gets uptight - yes, if he really wants to still in a couple of years, I will let him play. I'm just wanting to give him opportunity to grow interest in more family friendly sports!

We decided to start him off with a private lesson, hoping to ensure it was a good experience. I thought he would be more patient and less likely to get frustrated. I went out to take pictures with 15 minutes left and he started to take off his skiis when he saw me. The instructor convinced him to go a couple more times. I was feeling sad that he didn't love it and want to keep going. They finished and when I went get him he was a little frantic trying to get off his skiis and whispered to me with big eyes, "Mom, I really have to pee. It's an emergency." After that was taken care of and he'd had some lunch he had so much fun skiing for several more hours and wasn't in a hurry to quit at all. We were trying to do things right for a good first experience, but forgot about an important pre-ski bathroom stop for a 4 yr-old.

The next Saturday morning we found out that the bunny hill lift ticket is free for 5&under. Amazing to me that Ian can drive across town and chase him around on the hill for a morning for free.

Seems he is growing up way too fast lately. Interesting how my concerns
for him start changing. I can see how hard it will be as he continues to
grow and make more and more of his own decisions. I have been surprised at how he is developing worries and concerns. At Halloween he was pretty concerned before a party if the other kids would like his costume. He asked the other day "what if kids don't like me?" It's easy to say it doesn't matter, don't worry what others think... But, I realize more that talking to him about things like that won't make those concerns go away. I think its probably just part of growing up and figuring things out.

I heard this song by Carolyn Arends this morning and it spoke to those mother feelings I've been having for him...

From the moment you arrived here I've been utterly amazed
Astonished at your level of perfection
So it breaks my heart in pieces to imagine all the ways
You'll get hurt in spite of my protection
'Cause someday I'll have to send you like a soldier off to school
And the lesson you will learn there is that kids can be so cruel

So however well they like you and whatever grade you get
Promise me, baby, that you won't forget
Even the wallflowers do survive -- they can thrive
Even in the shadows
And there is a power in finding out for yourself
Rain or shine, whichever way it goes
Even the wallflowers grow

I hope they choose you early when the captains pick their teams
And I pray that they invite you to their dances
I hope it doesn't hurt too much the times you skin your knees
And that your heart endures its first romances

I cannot imagine anyone not loving you
But everybody feels alone at least a time or two
And I wish that I could spare you any heartache down the road
But maybe then, baby, you never would know
Even the wallflowers do survive -- they can thrive
Even in the shadows
And there is a power in finding out for yourself
Rain or shine, whichever way it goes
Even the wallflowers
Grow in soil that's watered by
Every single tear they cry
Believe me, baby, you will live
And someday you will tell your kid

Even the wallflowers do survive -- they can thrive
Even in the shadows
And there is a power in finding out for yourself
Rain or shine, whichever way it goes
Even the wallflowers grow

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting Closer

I am getting closer to being ready. Ready for a hospital trip now with a pair of slippers. Buttons to be added later. A super satisfying one evening knit, while I patiently wait.

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Years

Guess I'm still getting used to the idea of January 2011. It's much easier to avoid the date when I'm not working. But, the New Years celebration is seeming like quite awhile ago. I didn't take many pictures, but here are 2 favorite things to share. The singing...
I missed some activities in the middle - trip to the farm, Andrea's birthday, curling with the Muirheads while I recovered from the flu that hit me just after midnight! But, I caught up with everyone in Estevan and had fun getting hair done at Angel's.
This was Lanelle's first haircut, which I almost didn't was going to happen. I was given the tip that it should not be called a hair cut, but a trim! Of course, for kids "cut" has a bad meaning, but I had never thought of that before. Anyhow, when she sat on my lap she settled down and got it trimmed! The ends were so horrible and tangled all the time, morning hairbrushing is much more peaceful now.

And she ended up LOVING the experience.

Kellen tagged along with all the girls and got his shaggy cut again

and had lots of fun too!
Now we've settled into post-holiday/no work life. I'm loving it and after a few days of complaining they were bored, the kids have also. It's been interesting watching Kellen adapt and learn to play on his own more! Pretty soon we'll be adjusting to big changes again. Baby's due date is today, but I think it'll be a bit yet and I'm okay with that.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweet Christmas Memories

It was such a beautiful Christmas Eve morning, we ventured out with the troops for a walk down the lane...

...and some great tobogganing. Enjoyed by most - although Lanelle and Ayden were done with that adventure quite quickly.
They were soon ready for a warm up...
and for Christmas present opening!
Both my kids got spoiled. Kellen has been obsessed with his Star Wars Lego (which means I have spent too much time rebuilding it for him) and Lanelle will spend hours "cutting" her wooden fruit.
Lots of great memories at the Bell farm. The kids really didn't want to leave and shed many tears over the separation from their cousins as we buckled into the car and drove away. The only thing that stopped them was the news that we were on our way to the Koops' to continue Christmas that evening!