Friday, January 14, 2011

New Years

Guess I'm still getting used to the idea of January 2011. It's much easier to avoid the date when I'm not working. But, the New Years celebration is seeming like quite awhile ago. I didn't take many pictures, but here are 2 favorite things to share. The singing...
I missed some activities in the middle - trip to the farm, Andrea's birthday, curling with the Muirheads while I recovered from the flu that hit me just after midnight! But, I caught up with everyone in Estevan and had fun getting hair done at Angel's.
This was Lanelle's first haircut, which I almost didn't was going to happen. I was given the tip that it should not be called a hair cut, but a trim! Of course, for kids "cut" has a bad meaning, but I had never thought of that before. Anyhow, when she sat on my lap she settled down and got it trimmed! The ends were so horrible and tangled all the time, morning hairbrushing is much more peaceful now.

And she ended up LOVING the experience.

Kellen tagged along with all the girls and got his shaggy cut again

and had lots of fun too!
Now we've settled into post-holiday/no work life. I'm loving it and after a few days of complaining they were bored, the kids have also. It's been interesting watching Kellen adapt and learn to play on his own more! Pretty soon we'll be adjusting to big changes again. Baby's due date is today, but I think it'll be a bit yet and I'm okay with that.


Sarina said...

Lanelle's hair 'trim' looks super cute! Can't wait to welcome your new little one when he/she arrives.

Anonymous said...

Sending you good birthing vibes, courage, and faith in your body - it knows what to do!! So much love,