Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Sunday Dress

I always say I want to sew. I've been collecting fabric and a few patterns. But pretty much nothing actually gets done. Today, I just whipped this up. I almost said no problem, but I had a couple glitches. It looks unfinished with the 2 pins holding it up, but the button holes are there and I just have to buy some buttons. Button holes were a first for me, but my manual is well written and it didn't take long. Anyhow, I kind of akwardly feel like I'm bragging now, so I'll end there.

And, I'll include this video for your entertainment - if you like kids making animal noises. She sure was being a goof when she couldn't sleep tonight. I have MANY similar videos also taken tonight, but I think this was one of my favorites.


Its been many months since the painting of the entryway. Here it is (it looks a little more grey on my screen than it actually is). Butterflys joined us last night. I think they are very welcoming. And, if you are reading this, you are welcome to come visit us anytime.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Winter Weekend Mornings

One thing I really enjoyed doing on Saturday mornings was putting on the layers, putting the kids in the sled and heading off to the library and coffee shop. Here's a little glimpse into one of those mornings. Soon it will be biking down to the farmers markets on sunny summer saturday mornings!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

i miss winter.

so I know that not many people will agree with me. But, I wasn't quite ready for the snow to disappear. I've been missing times like these...
Kellen was so excited to go skiing for his first time.But, after awhile he said, "Why is it so far to the big hill???" I guess he didn't quite get the difference between x-country and downhill. My explanation of how much fun it is to have an adventure in the woods wasn't cutting it. He did not want to continue on.Thankfully, this woodpecker appeared. And we watched, whispered, and marvelled about the woodpecker. Then we had a crazy, exciting, giggling race against Dad. It was so fun, I wish we'd gotten him out with us one more time.Ian & I went to Madge Lake with another couple for a kid-less weekend. The trails were beautiful and busy. It was shocking to see a x-country ski parking lot packed, including 3 large tour buses. There were 200 skiers for a loppet. Not initially excited about that, but ended up enjoying it and left dreaming about soon having our family out there together participating in fun events like that. I really enjoyed watching the young kids and families skiing together. What a good group of friendly people. (Oh, I hope my future weekends might look like this and not include eating rink food and listening to parents yell...)We also really enjoyed our coffee/hot cocoa watching these little guys. I have never been so close to beavers before. Ian just about fell off his log perch laughing when I asked if a beaver would ever attack. I was just making sure!
Did I make anyone else miss winter fun?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

February is Birthday Month

Birthday Party #1 - Grandpa Gerry and Grandma Lorna visited to celebrate before their trip to Israel. Lots of fun. Lots of excitement about Lanelle's kitchen! Kellen blew out his candles and asked, "Am I 4 NOW?" "Birthay" Party #2 - Noticed only in pictures that in my haste to get the icing letters on before it all ran out of my fast flowing, makeshift tubing that I missed the "d". No one even commented (that I heard). Lanelle's actual 2nd birthday day.Birthday Party #3 - Invited friends to swim with us at the Gallagher center in Yorkton. Kellen asked on the way home "Am I 4 NOW?" Birthday Party #4 - Kellen's actual birthday. Uncle Michael and Arwen came for lunch and brownies ( I was tired of cakes and cupcakes). Kellen said "NOW I AM FINALLY 4!!!!"