Wednesday, March 24, 2010

February is Birthday Month

Birthday Party #1 - Grandpa Gerry and Grandma Lorna visited to celebrate before their trip to Israel. Lots of fun. Lots of excitement about Lanelle's kitchen! Kellen blew out his candles and asked, "Am I 4 NOW?" "Birthay" Party #2 - Noticed only in pictures that in my haste to get the icing letters on before it all ran out of my fast flowing, makeshift tubing that I missed the "d". No one even commented (that I heard). Lanelle's actual 2nd birthday day.Birthday Party #3 - Invited friends to swim with us at the Gallagher center in Yorkton. Kellen asked on the way home "Am I 4 NOW?" Birthday Party #4 - Kellen's actual birthday. Uncle Michael and Arwen came for lunch and brownies ( I was tired of cakes and cupcakes). Kellen said "NOW I AM FINALLY 4!!!!"


Anonymous said...

Nice you finally updated your blog. I guess I should do the same. Nice to see the kids. They just keep changing so much.


Davis Family said...

Happy birthday to both your babies - or should I say birthay. They are beautiful kids!

Angela said...

hum, if it takes 4 parties to turn 4, that means I got a ton of parties and cakes this year! Better start baking now, October doesn't seem so far away now ;) Happy birthdays!!