Sunday, January 24, 2010

not so therapeutic

I had great plans for a great weekend. Things don't always turn out like planned. My relaxing trip to the city by myself was not so relaxing and I was not alone. There was no skiing. The huge dump of snow has left me feeling like a single parent. Ian is now on his second night of snow removal and also had to fit in the shovelling at the condos and driving his bike out to clear at a cottage, oh yeah, plus some sleep in there.

I have promised myself I will never enter another Home Depo again. How long could it possibly take to get some help? Apparently, VERY long.

And, why can I not sleep well while Ian is working? Not sure, but I spent more time awake in my bed last night than asleep. Which is probably why I find myself complaining here (I didn't plan this.) So sorry for that.

On to a better story...

I didn't have the energy for Kellen's desire to have a partner in his "transformer" play. I was oh, so creative in explaining I was the baby transformer, so I had to lay down and watch him, so I could learn how to be a good transformer like him. It was very entertaining and (somewhat) restful as he totally bought into my story line and ran with it. I was a very well taken care of baby - milk, blankets, stories, kisses...

I got around to organizing some pictures. I hadn't done anything with some from November yet. I did a rapid selection of some favorites to share...

Lanelle's new favorite activity - thanks Auntie Andrea
Kellen trying chopsticks
Family + Christmas

i love Auntie Sheena

the first tree decorating (it fell over after)

making pancakes with Mom

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Anonymous said...

It's always nice to see some pictures of your family! The tea party looks like fun...excited for when I get to see that at my house, too!
Hope you've had some better nights sleep.