Sunday, January 03, 2010


It's good to laugh. Kellen always is making me laugh, but I don't usually replay what he said over and over again through out the day. I'm not sure I can write this well enough without the sound effects of the wailing and sobbing that came with the words to help you understand why Ian and I have repeated this several times and howled about it.

Kellen woke up earlier than I would have liked this morning, asking for toast "cause I'm very hungry." Since we strive for fairness, I told Ian since I'd been up in the night with Lanelle, this one was for him. Kellen would almost always be fine with Dad, but for some reason came unglued about that. Even with the smell of toast in the air, he came back to my bed crying that I had to do the toast. I picked him up, hugged him and said Daddy can put pb and honey on toast the same way I do and I carried him back to the kitchen. I headed back to bed and shut the bedroom door behind me. Well, Kellen had followed me down the hallway and was not happy about this.

"Fine then, I will just go to my bed!
WAAAAA! She won't make me toast.
WAAAAA! She shut the door!!!

Yes, I must have scarred him for life by not making his toast. What will happen to him now?

Ohh, it was said so dramatically. Way too funny.

Thank you, God for the little ones who bring so much humor to our lives.


Anonymous said...

I am roaring with laughter.
Poor child, what will ever become of him!!!

Angela said...

oh yeah, I'm laughing- What will happen to me?

Davis Family said...

Did you call Auntie Mary right away? I would have!! I may laugh into the night over that one.

Jen Mooney said...

I had to laugh at this. Caden gets all dramatic and tells us "you broke my heart" when we don't let him do something. It is so funny. One time he forgot how he says it and he said " you broke my love" - they come up with some pretty good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Tooo cute!! I sure am glad you get a kick out of your kids, too!

jenn with two n's said...

This is great. And I think you captured it as well as you could without well, recording him. Very funny.