Tuesday, May 20, 2008

From the other Janet

...not just the Mommy Janet who only seems to blog about the kids.

Just had to share what I heard about it the sermon on Sunday. The speaker told a story about a discussion in a small group after reading a scripture about God delighting in his people. Only 1 person in the group was able to feel good about that. The others all felt that God wouldn't really delight in them. I had a moment where I realized I would also be in the majority there and I understood why that impacts my life so much. It's easy to say that I know that God loves me, but if I truly felt it I would be able to say that he delights in me. Like I delight in my children. How can I reflect God's love if I don't really get that He would love me and delight in me? So here is my poll (post anonymously if you like). Do you really feel that God delights in you?

More of Lanelle...

Making sure I'm being fair. Before anyone pointed out I didn't talk about Lanelle in the last post. She has changed from her previous and wonderful schedule of getting up only once a night at 5 am. She has started what seems to be a new routine - 3am and 5am. I'm not impressed although I'm sure Jenn will be happy to hear. She is much more interested in people now and gives the best smiles for Kellen, which I LOVE! She does not seem to care much for being outside, but I'm working with her on that. She did help plant 2 gardens on the weekend though. Perhaps if she would learn how to handle a bit of wind she wouldn't get so grumpy.
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More of Kellen...

I heard Kellen suddenly wailing this morning and found him in the swing. He'd turned it on, climbed in, and closed the tray - trapping himself in the swinging swing. It's been hard to get him to leave the swing alone and I always shut the tray since he doesn't know how to open it. But I think this was the best idea to get him to leave it alone - he taught himself the lesson. He was not impressed with being stuck in there. I hope that's the end of the swing battle.
Last week Ian was working in Estevan so we all went and invaded Bill & Mary's (Thanks!) It was a great holiday for us, maybe not so much for Ian. It was nice to see him in the evening for a change. Kellen enjoyed lots of outdoor time with Grandpa and even some fishing. He was especially excited about the "BIG TRUCK" that Daddy drove home every night. Kellen has also added Jenny (the dog) to his list of things to be thankful for that he says every night.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

I feel like writing something tonight, but I keep erasing everything and starting again. I suppose I don't like a lot of my thoughts right now. I feel a little bored and antsy, even though I should have no legitimate reason to. I invited friends over for lunch and our morning was far from boring (with 6 kids/babies in our little house)! I love being outside in the park everyday. I am so thankful for my beautiful kids. I am so thankful that I get to be at home with them. At the same time, something is bugging me. I'm tired of doing the same thing. I was telling Ian that I feel like life is passing me by. Why - I don't understand. Life is pretty good, well, really good. So why do I feel like I'm going crazy at home so often? I can't believe that I can admit that I am already looking forward to going back to work (even though at the same time I'm dreading it!!) I know, I should make up my mind about how I feel!! Where's the harmony I was talking about?? I think the most peaceful I've ever felt is on a canoe trip. Why?... Life is not cluttered. With busyness or things. Everything is so simple. Enjoy the people your with, enjoy the scenery. I even enjoy myself more - relaxed and unstressed. Ok, i'm feeling a little more relaxed already. I'll take those memories with me. Maybe next time I stop by here, I'll be able to tell you that those feelings were the loudest in my day.
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hello, Goodbye

Just saying hello and goodbye. Ian is kicking me off the computer, even though I got here first. I'll put more pictures up later.
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