Sunday, November 28, 2010


We've checked out this book from the library numerous times. Lanelle LOVES it and I quite like reading it and admiring the pictures. So, I thought it would be fun to buy it for her for Christmas.
I naively thought I would be able to find one for around $20. Well, my search on amazon discovered it was around $350 for a hardcover copy. I few other "unknown" sites which would scare me ranged from $150-$800! Isn't that crazy! I can't imagine paying $350 for a children's hardcover book, even one has wonderful as Lotta's Bike. I would never let my child touch it then! I'm sadly dropping this off the Christmas list.
I have to admit, it crossed my mind to check it out again and report it missing. I wonder how much they would charge me? (Don't worry, I won't!!)
Anyhow, if you know any secrets to buying older books for reasonable prices, let me know! And, if you get the chance to read this special book - Enjoy - because it is apparently VERY special.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pointless Goal Setting.

I wish I could sleep in on Saturdays. Definately didn't happen this morning. We were having pancakes while watching the sunrise. Kellen had to take some pictures out the window.Although, there were probably many goals I should have set for the day, I was tired. So I set my goal of finishing this sweater for myself. Hoping for a quiet day. Deciding that movies could be on the agenda. Ten minutes into the show, Lanelle decided we should go out for a walk. Goodbye sweater, I'll be back.Off for a walk with the sled, stopped at the library, the coffee shop, and we even stopped to sled down the little hills in the park. I was shocked it was almost 1:30 when we walked in the door. So lunch became a quick assorted plate of food while the kids chose Princess Bride. The final sleeve grew a little in about 30 minutes, but then there were fights to break up, a boy who had to make a snowman craft (he is now in love with my glue gun), kids that wanted to play a game WITH mom... Then I decided I'd better cook at least one of the giant pumpkins sitting there and get it in the freezer and better get some laundry done. I'm not sure how the afternoon disappeared. Then supper, bedtime, another load of laundry, dishes...Here it is after 9pm, the sweater won't be done. Seriously, is there any point in setting a goal? I think its only disappointing.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Double Bed?

Lanelle had still been in the habit of joining us in the middle of the night in our bed. Until one evening she snuck into Kellen's bed and slept there all night with him. Well, it's slowly become a new habit. At first, Kellen wouldn't let her sleep with him, but I would let her get in if he was already sleeping. She just doesn't like sleeping alone! Kellen had started allowing her to get into bed with him, but tonight I was blown away when Kellen went to her room and asked her to come to his bed. He doesn't want to sleep alone now??!! I had never considered having them in one room with a double bed and the baby in a room by him/herself - but, I'm getting pretty thoughtful about it as this seems to have become a long term habit! I think its so cute how well they sleep together!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Can Dad's be Wrong?

Kellen: Mom, can Dads sometimes be wrong?

Me: (thinking, what on earth is this about) Yeah, I guess, sometimes (Not sure I want to admit that, if he's trying to get away with something...)

Kellen: (after a long comtemplative pause) Because Dad said its still fall, but I think he's wrong. (gives a funny shrunched up face and shakes his head) It sure looks like winter to me.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Days have really been slipping away on me. Actually, I feel like a whole season slipped away on me. I find myself trying to grasp the fact that I will be done work in less than a month. I can't seem to believe just how soon it is that our family is going to grow.

I have been enjoying things - new activities like skating, obsessions like knitting, funny kid things like Lanelle's imaginary friend "Poopy", and necessary things like stories and cuddling. It's been a great place to be, but I feel a shift coming on. I'm glad I've been relaxed about life and purposeful about enjoying the little moments. I don't want to let go of that but maybe its time to be a little more purposeful about making some things happen. Maybe because its time for some more organization around here. Probably because a new baby will soon be here and there is a great season of life change approaching.

I guess saying that here is an announcement to myself to make the changes I crave instead of contemplating. And, being here is a part of my habit when I start getting caught up on pictures. These are looking like a LONG time ago, now that we are buried in snow.

It was good to get in a visit to the farm during harvest.So much fun to wash carrots with Grandpa Bill.

Funny to remember Ian getting dressed up with the kids to go trick-or-treating. (And I think Ian was more excited than the kids about getting in costume!)

So, fall is gone and we move on to the next season. For so long, my answer to the kids question about when the baby will come has been "not until there is lots of snow." Well, there is lots of snow. That in itself has changed the rhythm of life. Ian was out the door just a few minutes ago for another all night snow removal shift. The kids and I have been missing walks and garden times. Tonight Kellen asked "When will spring come? I want to plant. I love planting!" I was tempted to just agree with him, but decided to remind him of some of the fun things to enjoy this winter season. Skiing, skating, snowmen, and of course the baby coming!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

City Adventure

I've become a super homebody, but yesterday going to the city sounded like fun. With plans to go to the 3D Hubble Imax show we were bouncing out the door. I just about ignored the phone, but ran back up the stairs to grab it. Ian was calling to say his deer hunt was a quick success and he was already on his way home. So he was able to meet us in the parking lot with 10 minutes to spare. I'm glad he was there to giggle with me as we watched Kellen repeatedly try to grab those stars that kept coming at him!

I didn't feel the need to get home to help skin the deer, so the 3 of us enjoyed exploring some new trails.Kellen begged to take some pictures and I'm glad I said yes. I will definately have to do it more often. I might actually get to be in some pictures! I also found it super fun to see what all he had taken pictures of - piles of leaves, close ups of the trail, lots of trees, bark, bushes, and he even got a super good one of his sister telling stories while she walked! I cancelled all my plans for shopping and we went crazy at a library instead! I thought for sure they'd tell me I was over my limit as I plunked the huge pile down. Not only books, but a pile of DVDs and CDs (such a novelty that we don't have access to at the little Fort library!)

I usually complain about going to the city. Without an attempt at errands or shopping, it was a great place to go on an adventure!