Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pointless Goal Setting.

I wish I could sleep in on Saturdays. Definately didn't happen this morning. We were having pancakes while watching the sunrise. Kellen had to take some pictures out the window.Although, there were probably many goals I should have set for the day, I was tired. So I set my goal of finishing this sweater for myself. Hoping for a quiet day. Deciding that movies could be on the agenda. Ten minutes into the show, Lanelle decided we should go out for a walk. Goodbye sweater, I'll be back.Off for a walk with the sled, stopped at the library, the coffee shop, and we even stopped to sled down the little hills in the park. I was shocked it was almost 1:30 when we walked in the door. So lunch became a quick assorted plate of food while the kids chose Princess Bride. The final sleeve grew a little in about 30 minutes, but then there were fights to break up, a boy who had to make a snowman craft (he is now in love with my glue gun), kids that wanted to play a game WITH mom... Then I decided I'd better cook at least one of the giant pumpkins sitting there and get it in the freezer and better get some laundry done. I'm not sure how the afternoon disappeared. Then supper, bedtime, another load of laundry, dishes...Here it is after 9pm, the sweater won't be done. Seriously, is there any point in setting a goal? I think its only disappointing.


Anonymous said...

ahh. Well despite the fact you missed your goal, it still sounds like a good day! I still like goal setting and giving myself somethings to be motivated for....but I do think that parents involves a lot of 'goal-adapting'.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

I find it useful, on a day when I don't think I have actually accomplished anything, to make my list at the end of the day - then I am overwhelmed with all the joy and lovely things I have experienced!
I think that's one of the joys of blogging - you do evaluate, and remind yourself of the things that you will always treasure!
Your totally approving m-i-l