Friday, November 26, 2010

Double Bed?

Lanelle had still been in the habit of joining us in the middle of the night in our bed. Until one evening she snuck into Kellen's bed and slept there all night with him. Well, it's slowly become a new habit. At first, Kellen wouldn't let her sleep with him, but I would let her get in if he was already sleeping. She just doesn't like sleeping alone! Kellen had started allowing her to get into bed with him, but tonight I was blown away when Kellen went to her room and asked her to come to his bed. He doesn't want to sleep alone now??!! I had never considered having them in one room with a double bed and the baby in a room by him/herself - but, I'm getting pretty thoughtful about it as this seems to have become a long term habit! I think its so cute how well they sleep together!!

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Davis Family said...

When we got Bronwyn's new big girl bed, Gavin was so excited he slept at one end and she slept at the other for almost 2 months.

They share a room, and it works really well or us. Mari is a light sleeper and needs more quiet. What a cute little pair of kiddos!! So excited to hear news of baby three.