Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy 1/2-Year, Neve!

Neve, you are growing up much too fast.  How can you be 6 months already?  You are not a newborn anymore.  You are so big.  Everyone always comments on how tall you are. 
You can not even imagine how much joy you bring to everyone in our house.  Your big brother and sister are head over heals in love with you.  You get bazillions of kisses every day.  You give us bazillions of smiles.  Not to mention the incredible giggles!
We love you to pieces...
...and always.
And I promise to never put you in a pot again.  But you were so cute.  Soon you will sit up on your own without a pot.  You are so close, but are still toppling over.  You now have 2 teeth that popped through this week, just in time to be 1/2 year old.  I started you on rice cereal and beef the last couple of weeks.  You love food!  You are leaning forward for the spoon every time and are slurping it up!  I think you are also so proud to be participating in the meal instead of observing us eat.  We are so glad you are growing and healthy, its just happening so fast!  Happy 1/2Year, Nevey!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Canada Day

Our new family tradition of running the Moose Jawg was super fun this year.  I was happy to run and finish decently despite only going on 1 training run!  (5k 29:54)  I was more proud of Kellen and Lanelle.  They were so excited about their first run - the runt run!  I was afraid that Kellen would not be winning or be behind Nolan and decide to quit.  So I loved how determined and focussed he stayed right until the end.  He told me later it was really hard because his ribs were really hurting.  Lanelle did the run with her Dad.  (Ha, so Ian can say he ran that day also!)  So much pride those golden medals gave them!

 I love days with all the cousins.  It always brings me reminders of how special times with cousins were growing up.  How beautiful to watch them play and know the memories they are creating.

Lanelle and Ariana chasing bubbles

 A Grandma's lap is perfect for crawling onto and having a nap during a long day of hard playing.
Although not originally the plan, I was thankful we ended up staying to camp the next night.  Campfire cheese sandwiches and more family time.  Just perfect!

Think there's any chance of Ian joining me in the 5k next year?

Monday, July 11, 2011

With all the flooding this year, I was resolved to the idea that there would be no beach days this summer.  Although we don't have as many options to choose from right now, we are so happy that Katepwa is open and super nice still.  Not much sand to play in, but hey, we are not complaining!

The kids are having so much fun and are really becoming little fish!
Especially Kellen.  It's amazing how comfortable he is and how he's lost his fear.  He even begs me to throw him in - this from the boy who couldn't stand water getting splashed on his face last year!

So much beauty and happiness at the beach!
Always watermelon!  We are taking full advantage of all things summer.  Even ice cream, a little too often.  While not such a summer item, the hot cocoa helped them brave the chilly morning for their swim lesson.  We are glad the forecast for the rest of the week is looking better!

Memory Lane

I was at the computer sorting through pictures.  I have 200 from last week.  Oh, dear.  I'm getting lost with all the pictures lately.  But, I will be thankful, because I forget how quickly they change. 

Kellen and Lanelle thought this video was so funny this morning.  I had forgotten how fun it was when Lanelle was in her pouring water stage - she is one yr old in the video.  She would do it for hours and hours.  Just thought I would share our morning giggle.

We have a busy, fun beach week ahead of us for swimming lessons.  I'll be packing a picnic lunch everyday.  This morning I'll also be packing a thermos of hot cocoa because they are going to be cold when they get out.  I'm hoping the sun comes out soon.

Friday, July 08, 2011

We got to relax in Crescent Park in Moose Jaw.  What a beautiful place and a beautiful day we had.
With a wonderful Auntie.  Who made this one giggle!
And a super fun cousin.  Who is now spoken of as a(nother) favorite cousin by this girl.

This was a couple of weeks ago. But, I was reminded of it tonight when I read about how to find rest over at incourage.  We let the kids play at the spray park while we visited, we walked, we ate lunch out, we browsed shops.  With only Lanelle, Ayden, and Nevey, it was a break.  I felt rested after wandering the streets with my sister, my friend.