Monday, July 11, 2011

With all the flooding this year, I was resolved to the idea that there would be no beach days this summer.  Although we don't have as many options to choose from right now, we are so happy that Katepwa is open and super nice still.  Not much sand to play in, but hey, we are not complaining!

The kids are having so much fun and are really becoming little fish!
Especially Kellen.  It's amazing how comfortable he is and how he's lost his fear.  He even begs me to throw him in - this from the boy who couldn't stand water getting splashed on his face last year!

So much beauty and happiness at the beach!
Always watermelon!  We are taking full advantage of all things summer.  Even ice cream, a little too often.  While not such a summer item, the hot cocoa helped them brave the chilly morning for their swim lesson.  We are glad the forecast for the rest of the week is looking better!

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