Monday, July 11, 2011

Memory Lane

I was at the computer sorting through pictures.  I have 200 from last week.  Oh, dear.  I'm getting lost with all the pictures lately.  But, I will be thankful, because I forget how quickly they change. 

Kellen and Lanelle thought this video was so funny this morning.  I had forgotten how fun it was when Lanelle was in her pouring water stage - she is one yr old in the video.  She would do it for hours and hours.  Just thought I would share our morning giggle.

We have a busy, fun beach week ahead of us for swimming lessons.  I'll be packing a picnic lunch everyday.  This morning I'll also be packing a thermos of hot cocoa because they are going to be cold when they get out.  I'm hoping the sun comes out soon.

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