Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy 1/2-Year, Neve!

Neve, you are growing up much too fast.  How can you be 6 months already?  You are not a newborn anymore.  You are so big.  Everyone always comments on how tall you are. 
You can not even imagine how much joy you bring to everyone in our house.  Your big brother and sister are head over heals in love with you.  You get bazillions of kisses every day.  You give us bazillions of smiles.  Not to mention the incredible giggles!
We love you to pieces...
...and always.
And I promise to never put you in a pot again.  But you were so cute.  Soon you will sit up on your own without a pot.  You are so close, but are still toppling over.  You now have 2 teeth that popped through this week, just in time to be 1/2 year old.  I started you on rice cereal and beef the last couple of weeks.  You love food!  You are leaning forward for the spoon every time and are slurping it up!  I think you are also so proud to be participating in the meal instead of observing us eat.  We are so glad you are growing and healthy, its just happening so fast!  Happy 1/2Year, Nevey!

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Andrea said...

I LOVE this baby girl!!!
Love, Auntie A