Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Canada Day

Our new family tradition of running the Moose Jawg was super fun this year.  I was happy to run and finish decently despite only going on 1 training run!  (5k 29:54)  I was more proud of Kellen and Lanelle.  They were so excited about their first run - the runt run!  I was afraid that Kellen would not be winning or be behind Nolan and decide to quit.  So I loved how determined and focussed he stayed right until the end.  He told me later it was really hard because his ribs were really hurting.  Lanelle did the run with her Dad.  (Ha, so Ian can say he ran that day also!)  So much pride those golden medals gave them!

 I love days with all the cousins.  It always brings me reminders of how special times with cousins were growing up.  How beautiful to watch them play and know the memories they are creating.

Lanelle and Ariana chasing bubbles

 A Grandma's lap is perfect for crawling onto and having a nap during a long day of hard playing.
Although not originally the plan, I was thankful we ended up staying to camp the next night.  Campfire cheese sandwiches and more family time.  Just perfect!

Think there's any chance of Ian joining me in the 5k next year?

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