Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kellen's teeth

I think I was cruel to Kellen tonight. I didn't really mean it. I found the kids eating crackers in bed and I was super frustrated. After lecturing them about not getting food without asking and to never have crackers in bed, I also added that "you had already brushed your teeth!"

"ahhh, no, we have to brush our teeth again," Kellen exclaimed. Still feeling super frustrated with the long bedtimes we've been having, I answered loudly, "no way, you already did that once! Too bad, now the sugar bugs will eat your teeth tonight!" That was followed by lots of wailing from Kellen. Oh, his poor teeth!

"my teeth will all be gone?!" waahhh! I told him I was just kidding as I rolled on the floor laughing.

"You mean just some of them will be gone?" wahhh!

It would have been quicker to just let him brush his teeth again than the time it took to reassure him that I truly was kidding and his teeth would all be there in the morning. Sheesh!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Reflections

I love rainy days. We went to story and rhyme time at the library. Dropped off the very excited big kids at Betty's to play with their friends. I read and had coffee in a quiet house this morning. And this afternoon I've been getting stuff done!

I learned if we stay out till midnight, the kids will sleep in. I also learned, its hard to get out of the 'late to bed, late to rise' routine. Crokinole at Sheena's was worth it though.

I hope we will soon get some dry weather so I can finish planting my garden.

I am looking forward to a special baby shower tomorrow. Just finished sewing on buttons of the sweater for the special boy.

I enjoyed many moments this week - especially adventuring up the hill to the flagpole for lunch with the Cochranes.

I will always love this special picture from this week.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recipe: Baji Dhal

I've got a new fast supper favorite - East Indian Spinach and Lentils. Thought I'd share, in case you are looking for something new. It's from Extending the Table by Joetta Handrich Schlabach - thanks so much Kathy for letting me borrow! I am loving it. Don't judge it by its appearance. When I set this on the table, Kellen announced he was not going to eat it. I thought we might have a fight, but he took his required bite. There was a surprised look on his face, "mmm, this is really good Mom!" He polished off his entire bowl!

Here is my slightly altered version:

In a large pan, heat oil and cook 1 large chopped onion. Add and cook for about 30 sec. 4 minced garlic cloves, 2 T chopped ginger root. Stir in 2 tsp whole cumin seed, 2 tsp curry powder, 1 tsp salt. Add 1.5 cups red lentils, 4 cups chicken broth (or use water as the original recipe called for), 2 large diced potatoes, and several large handfuls of spinach. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until potatoes are tender.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Happiness is a big round satisfied baby tummy... ...and a super sweet girl...

...with big beautiful eyes.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tender tears

I sit here with tender tears tonight. Listening to LullabiesforGetty and thinking about my blessings and remembering that some parents are in situations that leave them brokenhearted. I complained today for the busyness in my house - I got interrupted when I was on the phone, while I tried to clean up the meal, while I tried to feed the baby, when I just wanted to check facebook, when I was in the shower... I just wished I didn't have to help anyone and that no one was talking to me for a moment. I wanted to have time for some things that I enjoy. Now I feel ashamed that I would complain. I am embarrassed that there are many who would wish to be in my position. I wonder how I could think that having time to myself would make me more joyful than being in the moments I was in.

My kids were so thankful I made them their favorite breakfast. We got busy in the garden. Kellen was so thrilled that he has his own designated box to plant and take care of. When they weren't helping me, there was happy chatter in the sandbox and from the swings.When it was time to water the newly planted seeds and they requested swimsuits for a waterfight, the "yes" answer brought on incredibly excited, happy squeals and a flurry of activity. I washed my dirty hands and picked up my camera. I had a hard time capturing pictures of my active and healthy children while they played with gusto.We trekked to the library with Kellen on his new big bike, Lanelle pedalling her trike (a brand new skill for her), and a completely happy and alert Neve in the stroller. They were over the moon about making the "super best banana boat" snack.

Looking back at the moments of the day, I realize I took them for granted. Sure, I enjoyed them. I was happy to be in the garden. I laughed lots with the kids during the water fight. But tonight while I think of what others are facing, I realize how very extraordinary it is to be so blessed. I want to feel more than just thankfulness for their kisses and hugs, for their healthy bodies and minds, and for being their mom. I want it to be enough. I don't want to find myself grouchy about folding another load of laundry. I don't want to daydream about having a day by myself. I don't want to think about what I will do when they are grown up. I want to remember that having a day with them - even with all the interruptions, messes, and frustrations - is the perfect place and the only place I would want to be.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So many moments and events that I have meant to share/document here. And, like usual time slips away on me and I get overwhelmed. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the volume of what I might share. Sometimes I shut down when I think about what might be appropriate to share in this fairly open public space and how it might me perceived. But, I'm going to try forget those thoughts and just share what might be in my thoughts today. If you stop by here, you'll probably run into some randomness as I just take the time to remember the good things in life. I need to do that, because it make me better. So, a good place to start is here. I got to catch up with my friend, Julia. I got to see her farm, chickens, and pigs. I watched her get married. I saw how happy she was. I saw how good she is loving husband and her son. I watched her make the most of her moments and be totally joyful. She is amazingly talented. Being with her inspired me because of all that she is and how she is choosing to live. I am so thankful for friendship that helps me live my life better. I am thankful for how God orchestrates things. I don't believe it is chance that I have met certain people and developed friendships that have influenced who I am. I know that He has given me friends that i need to help stretch, grow, and inspire me. Its not really something that I tell my friends - how they have helped to shape me. But, I know it is true. I am thankful for my friendships. Thank ~you~ for your friendship.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Kellen and I started lots of our seeds indoors this year - squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, kohlrabi, fennel, and several herbs and flowers... I meant to do this last year, but never accomplished it. Now that we've had so much fun and success this year, I think it will be a yearly project.

Lately I've been feeling a little stuck. I find it easy to make great plans and have good intentions. I get frustrated that carrying out my ideas is so hard. Sometimes being unsure when its a new idea can make it hard to start. Sometimes its just laziness. I think most often for me its feeling overwhelmed and not being sure where to start.

Today, the big kids have been over at Betty's for a birthday party and I've had time to reflect, clean, do errands, and even scrapbooked for a bit (though of course not long enough!). Even with just Neve the day is going by much to quickly. Oh, dear, I'm complaining about time again (I really started with the intention of NOT doing that.) I think I've got a few small strategies to help. And, I do mean SMALL strategies.

I picked up 2 swiffer dusters. I hate dusting and I do it rarely. It shows and then it bugs me - sometimes. I think the kids are going to think their dusters are cool. (Thank you Holly for the idea!) They are going to help me clean more often. Which brings me to small strategy #2. I also picked up 2 rolls of tickets, one roll is blue and one is pick. The kids are going to collect these tickets for helping, cleaning their room, putting away toys, for being kind, for listening... They can them redeem them for little privileges such as computer time, gum, a movie, ice cream store trip, a date with mom or dad... I am going to make up a chart that will break down what will earn tickets and how much things will "cost". I've thought about this for awhile and think I can make this work. I'm hoping it will cut down on computer time issues and on poor helping.

So today I may not have figured out how to make things run smoothly or to have more time for projects I want to do. But, I've got a start on something that will help. I have also decided that it is important for me to remember at the end of the day what I have accomplished instead of dwelling on what I haven't. I'm thinking of stopping by here to take the time to do that. But, we'll see if I get that idea of the ground...

Looking at my plants that are growing so well and ready to be planted outdoors now makes me excited. They make me think of possibility, growth, and all good things!