Friday, May 13, 2011


Kellen and I started lots of our seeds indoors this year - squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, kohlrabi, fennel, and several herbs and flowers... I meant to do this last year, but never accomplished it. Now that we've had so much fun and success this year, I think it will be a yearly project.

Lately I've been feeling a little stuck. I find it easy to make great plans and have good intentions. I get frustrated that carrying out my ideas is so hard. Sometimes being unsure when its a new idea can make it hard to start. Sometimes its just laziness. I think most often for me its feeling overwhelmed and not being sure where to start.

Today, the big kids have been over at Betty's for a birthday party and I've had time to reflect, clean, do errands, and even scrapbooked for a bit (though of course not long enough!). Even with just Neve the day is going by much to quickly. Oh, dear, I'm complaining about time again (I really started with the intention of NOT doing that.) I think I've got a few small strategies to help. And, I do mean SMALL strategies.

I picked up 2 swiffer dusters. I hate dusting and I do it rarely. It shows and then it bugs me - sometimes. I think the kids are going to think their dusters are cool. (Thank you Holly for the idea!) They are going to help me clean more often. Which brings me to small strategy #2. I also picked up 2 rolls of tickets, one roll is blue and one is pick. The kids are going to collect these tickets for helping, cleaning their room, putting away toys, for being kind, for listening... They can them redeem them for little privileges such as computer time, gum, a movie, ice cream store trip, a date with mom or dad... I am going to make up a chart that will break down what will earn tickets and how much things will "cost". I've thought about this for awhile and think I can make this work. I'm hoping it will cut down on computer time issues and on poor helping.

So today I may not have figured out how to make things run smoothly or to have more time for projects I want to do. But, I've got a start on something that will help. I have also decided that it is important for me to remember at the end of the day what I have accomplished instead of dwelling on what I haven't. I'm thinking of stopping by here to take the time to do that. But, we'll see if I get that idea of the ground...

Looking at my plants that are growing so well and ready to be planted outdoors now makes me excited. They make me think of possibility, growth, and all good things!

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Holly said...

Janet I promise to never look for dust over 3 feet in your house if you never look at mine. Crank the tunes and let the kids dust away. AND I like your ticket idea. Best of luck!