Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So many moments and events that I have meant to share/document here. And, like usual time slips away on me and I get overwhelmed. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the volume of what I might share. Sometimes I shut down when I think about what might be appropriate to share in this fairly open public space and how it might me perceived. But, I'm going to try forget those thoughts and just share what might be in my thoughts today. If you stop by here, you'll probably run into some randomness as I just take the time to remember the good things in life. I need to do that, because it make me better. So, a good place to start is here. I got to catch up with my friend, Julia. I got to see her farm, chickens, and pigs. I watched her get married. I saw how happy she was. I saw how good she is loving husband and her son. I watched her make the most of her moments and be totally joyful. She is amazingly talented. Being with her inspired me because of all that she is and how she is choosing to live. I am so thankful for friendship that helps me live my life better. I am thankful for how God orchestrates things. I don't believe it is chance that I have met certain people and developed friendships that have influenced who I am. I know that He has given me friends that i need to help stretch, grow, and inspire me. Its not really something that I tell my friends - how they have helped to shape me. But, I know it is true. I am thankful for my friendships. Thank ~you~ for your friendship.


Angela said...

so beautiful... this has been a big prayer for me this week. Your post encouraged my heart.

Julia said...

Love you Janet - thanks for this post! It was so amazing to have you come and see the farm, and be there for the wedding with your sweet babe. You lent to the joy of the occasion! Here's hoping that not too much time goes by before we get another visit. :) xoxo