Sunday, April 26, 2009

What makes our house our home?

So, I am stealing this idea (via Laurie). When I read about it, it really got me thinking about about my house and asking myself what does make it our home. I guess it resonated with me since we moved last October and still haven't really made this place feel like our space. Kellen often says this house is bad and asks to go see the old house. I want to make this house more our home.

I found it strange that hardly any items tugged at me as I walked around the house looking for things that are really important to me (and so I wonder why we moved so many things?) I'm not sure that I was able to figure out how to make this space more ours. Someday, we will paint and make the changes we want. It is still our home here as it is though. Here's a few things that make me happy and give me the sense of home and happiness.

1. Kellen. He makes this space full of energy. When I ask why he is running in circles or jumping around, he will tell me he is just getting some energy.

2. Lanelle. What a beautiful girl. She is so happy and fun. AND, she plays so indepentantly. Without our children, this house would be such a quiet home.
3. I seem to get a lot of comments about my jars of beans. I like to cook and to cook different things. I guess they say a little bit about something thats important to me and they make me happy.

4. Standing at the top of the stairs and seeing this mess of toys in the playroom. This is one of the spaces that really made us like this house. While I generally like things clean, I don't mind when this space is a mess. I know the kids have been having fun.

5. My kitchen. It's dirty here, I know. But I made myself take the picture, because as I walked around my house the other night thinking about the above question, I realized that I have learned to love my house even when its messy. It gets that way often and if/when I don't worry about it, my space feels more like my home.
6. I love this framed poem a favorite friend of mine gave me for a wedding present. I often stop to read it, and it still gets me. It reminds me how blessed I am to be married to a wonderful guy who is all these things for me. When I am reminded, my house is a warmer place.
7. Our coffee press. It makes very strong, wonderful coffee. Enough said.

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Friday, April 17, 2009


After a very busy week, I had today off with the kids. We went for a walk mid morning and Lanelle fell asleep on the way home. Kellen and I tried very hard to wake her up, (cheek pokes, nose beeping, eyelid lifting...) but she was in an incredibly deep sleep. I set her on the floor, sitting up, and she laid down, curled up and went right back to sleep. I told Kellen we would have to give up and let her sleep (which I knew meant there would be no afternoon nap for me...ahh). Kellen ran and got her a blanket so she would be "tozy" (cozy)!
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Easter con't at cabin

Mud, mud, and more mud.

Puddles, puddles, and deeper puddles.

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Easter at Farm

Bubble blowing. Easter egg hunt. Kite flying. Dad's surprise 60th birthday supper. Cousins.
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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Rambley Family Update - Teeth, Sleep and Other Significant Stuff...

  • Kellen had his first dentist appointment. I was sure he had cavities. Dentist said his teeth are great! The discoloration is apparently the minerals in our water here. I don't know what the little indent/hole was that I was sure was a cavity. It's the biggest relief! We don't have to go through an ordeal of a 3 year-old getting fillings. Don't have to spend the $, since we have no coverage right now.
  • Lanelle almost has 2 molars through. I almost took her to emergency one night. I couldn't believe how big the ugly red "ball" in the back of her mouth had gotten. The searching I did online made me believe it was a cyst that was somewhat normal and would resolve on its own. (Any comment here Monica??) I started giving her Advil at night. It does look better and I can see tooth now.
  • Sometimes I think who cares to hear this trivial news. But this is the stuff that changes my everyday life. I knew I was a little stressed about Kellen's teeth and appointment, but the relief I felt when it was over made me realize how much it was bothering me. I was feeling so guilty about how his teeth looked. Lanelle had started sleeping through the night, for about 4 nights before the molars starting moving in. I felt like a new person. When the serious night issues began again, the decline in the quality of life was significant. I am so forgetful again and find it incredibly hard to focus myself lately.
  • I forgot about stamp club last night. I totally missed it!
  • I burned the banana bread I made last night. Yep, totally forgot about it!
  • I dressed the kids this morning, even though it was pajama day at the sitters. I had even looked at the calendar last night and reminded myself about it.
  • I love Lanelle's new Bamboozle diapers. I couldn't believe the amount of disposable diapers I was buying since being back at work. I never thought the sitter would do cloth, but when I mentioned it one day she even seemed excited to try. She did admit to not liking the pinning part of my diapering system. So, I bought Bamboozles and would recommend them to anyone.
  • When I sat down here to write, there was more things on my mind, but...I forget, of course.
  • Kellen's preschool had a supper and party tonight. I really love the program he is in.
  • We got a Franklin book last week from the library. Kellen has wanted that book every night since. Tonight I would read the first half the sentence and Kellen could finish almost everyone! It was so cute. I was having a hard time getting through it, cause I kept giggling. I'd tell you some of the funnies, but I think you'd have to hear him say it with his funny speech to get it.
  • Kellen has a serious obsession with the 6 yr old neighbour girl, Tia. He is always watching for her out the front window and has to go out to play with her if he sees her. We were headed out for a walk down to the co-op when she came outside. He had a meltdown cause he wanted to stay and play with her. He was yelling repeatedly down the street from the stroller, "but Tia is better than the Co-op!" Her mom enjoyed that story today.
  • Ian and I have had a lot of moments lately that make us feel like we are right where we are suppose to be. Something I have felt incredibly thankful for. It's such a good feeling.
  • Thats all, I'm going to bed now that the diapers are in the dryer. It's been fun to remember the things that I am thankful for (healthy teeth!) and things that have made me laugh. Night.