Sunday, April 26, 2009

What makes our house our home?

So, I am stealing this idea (via Laurie). When I read about it, it really got me thinking about about my house and asking myself what does make it our home. I guess it resonated with me since we moved last October and still haven't really made this place feel like our space. Kellen often says this house is bad and asks to go see the old house. I want to make this house more our home.

I found it strange that hardly any items tugged at me as I walked around the house looking for things that are really important to me (and so I wonder why we moved so many things?) I'm not sure that I was able to figure out how to make this space more ours. Someday, we will paint and make the changes we want. It is still our home here as it is though. Here's a few things that make me happy and give me the sense of home and happiness.

1. Kellen. He makes this space full of energy. When I ask why he is running in circles or jumping around, he will tell me he is just getting some energy.

2. Lanelle. What a beautiful girl. She is so happy and fun. AND, she plays so indepentantly. Without our children, this house would be such a quiet home.
3. I seem to get a lot of comments about my jars of beans. I like to cook and to cook different things. I guess they say a little bit about something thats important to me and they make me happy.

4. Standing at the top of the stairs and seeing this mess of toys in the playroom. This is one of the spaces that really made us like this house. While I generally like things clean, I don't mind when this space is a mess. I know the kids have been having fun.

5. My kitchen. It's dirty here, I know. But I made myself take the picture, because as I walked around my house the other night thinking about the above question, I realized that I have learned to love my house even when its messy. It gets that way often and if/when I don't worry about it, my space feels more like my home.
6. I love this framed poem a favorite friend of mine gave me for a wedding present. I often stop to read it, and it still gets me. It reminds me how blessed I am to be married to a wonderful guy who is all these things for me. When I am reminded, my house is a warmer place.
7. Our coffee press. It makes very strong, wonderful coffee. Enough said.

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Laurie said...

Thanks for sharing this Janet!!! :) I enjoyed reading it :)

Love ya!!

Ian said...

Thanks for the tour. I wish we had more time to come for a visit and see your new place, but this will have to do for now. Love you guys.

Maxine said...

Hi Janet. Here's my "Manley story" that came to mind. A family had their house burned to the ground and were living in a tent. Someone said to their little boy "I'm sorry you lost your home" He replied "Oh, we have a Home. We just don't have a house to put it in" So I think Home is my people who love and my house is where we keep us :-)