Friday, April 17, 2009


After a very busy week, I had today off with the kids. We went for a walk mid morning and Lanelle fell asleep on the way home. Kellen and I tried very hard to wake her up, (cheek pokes, nose beeping, eyelid lifting...) but she was in an incredibly deep sleep. I set her on the floor, sitting up, and she laid down, curled up and went right back to sleep. I told Kellen we would have to give up and let her sleep (which I knew meant there would be no afternoon nap for me...ahh). Kellen ran and got her a blanket so she would be "tozy" (cozy)!
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Anonymous said...

Awww, soooo tired! Devin will do that still...nothing will wake him up when he gets like that! What a sweet brother to want her to by "tozy"!!
Vicki Elford

Davis Family said...

Oh Gosh! That is so cute. What a good big brother! ANGELS!

Maxine said...

Do you remember the time that you slept through a lightning and thunder storm in the makeshift fort behind Grandma Bell's house. I remember waking you up and walking you home after all the commotion was over. Now that was a deep sleep! :-)