Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Colorless Fall Photos.

I have tried and tried to get out to the park for the annual fall pictures. We never had a nice sunny day when I had a chance, until yesterday. However, by now they are very colorless when I compare the previous years. I'll have to update the blog header with these soon.

I also found it even harder this year, with 2 mobile kids to get any decent ones. Kellen was mad he wasn't digging in the sand and kept scowling. I have really been trying not to use bribes, but I finally broke down and promised him a Lightening car (he has had about 10 and has lost them all!) It was amazing how quickly the smiles showed up.

Winter then Fall

A few winter pictures.

I love this expression. I can tell this is him beginning one of his stories.
Then fall returned and I got a few pile of leaves shots. Although they are pretty few. It was hard to catch any that were not of their backs as they ran around.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Chicken and Eggs

Kellen told me yesterday that he would draw me a picture. That usually means some scribbles and color. I had never seen anything that looked like anything. He was quite delighted when he exclaimed that he had drawn me a chicken. Then he took it back for a minute. "Oh, I forgot it needs a beak! Oh, how do I draw a beak?! Umm, yeah, like this..." and put a few scribbles down.

I thought it was a pretty big step and thought I should scan it to save the first (what I call) "real" drawing. So, here I share. I really enjoying watching him do new things.