Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Colorless Fall Photos.

I have tried and tried to get out to the park for the annual fall pictures. We never had a nice sunny day when I had a chance, until yesterday. However, by now they are very colorless when I compare the previous years. I'll have to update the blog header with these soon.

I also found it even harder this year, with 2 mobile kids to get any decent ones. Kellen was mad he wasn't digging in the sand and kept scowling. I have really been trying not to use bribes, but I finally broke down and promised him a Lightening car (he has had about 10 and has lost them all!) It was amazing how quickly the smiles showed up.


Anonymous said...

Very cute pics Janet! I especially like the first one.

Sarina said...

They are so cute! It looks like Kellen must have got a haircut? I can relate to trying to take pictures of a mobile kid - it can be challenging!

Heather said...

Haven't looked at your blog for quite a while Janet - boy are your kids growing... they are so cute!!