Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Tree Fort Grand Opening!

The tree fort grand opening was a huge success.  The kids played hard and my kids were delighted with the evening!  Kellen gave a speech - which included phrases such as "there will be fun," "there will be guns," and "it will never break."  I nodded and added a few others - "there will be kindness, sharing," to which he added, "and no hitting, pushing, kicking, or being mean."  The guests seem to be completely enthralled, but I think they may have been staring at the raspberry popsicles in my hand, anxiously waiting for the ceremony to be over. 

We completed it with a ribbon cutting.  He even received some special tree fort signs to post - "Private" and "Keep Out". So fun!

And then we moved on to full out crazy playing!  The splash pool turned into a great water fight.  Those who were not interested in being wet found the bubbles or paper and paint.  I think the kids will have great memories from the night!

Oh, and the food was great. Such great color I couldn't resist...
Sometimes things can seem like too much work to me.  Planning and preparing.  I kind of wanted to pass over this grand opening idea.  But, I'm glad I didn't.  It was fun just to get together with friends.  And, I love looking back already and thinking about what good memories the kids will have from times like this.

I will also have to overwhelm this space with memories from our Cypress Hills/Drumheller trip last week.  Another event I kind of wanted to pass over.  In this case, wanting to avoid the long travel time.  But, so very much fun was had, I can't imagine having not gone!

Kind of the same feeling when I think about getting up for 6am tennis.  Yuck, trying to wake up so early this week.  But, I am always super glad I did it (even though I confess I've been late every morning).  I've even been getting a quiet coffee when I get home before the kids wake up, which is such a treat to me, you can't even imagine!

Anything you dread or drag your feet about? And then end up super happy you put in the effort?


Andrea said...

You are a cool mom Janet! Such a great idea! I wish I could have been there for the speech! Love to all.
Auntie A

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I was thinking!!! I want to come and play..crystal

Sarina said...

That would have been so much fun Janet! I love the food picture too...those fruit skewers looked delicious!