Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trip Treasures #4: Laughter and Play

Sometimes you just have to laugh. I knew as the rain poured in our collapsing tent that we would soon laugh about it.  That thought kept me pretty light-hearted about our 2am waking with thunder, lightening, crazy wind and sideways rain.  As I tried to hold the sides of the tent up, pull in our luggage to the "drier" middle ground, Lanelle slept peaceful.  As I carried her across the campsite to Grandpa and Grandmas trailer in the wind and the rain, she slept.  That made me laugh.  When the tent flapped and let in a huge dump of water and it landed directly on poor Nevey's face, I didn't laugh.  But, now we do.  I wonder if she'll like tenting after that first experience?
Poor broken tent, the morning after the storm.
I also had to laugh often listening to the cousins play together.  Quite the adventures they make up.  This, if I remember correctly, is the ship they made.
The trip just wouldn't have been as much fun if Nolan would not have joined us.  They really had so much fun!
What a great big cousin he is, with a great big heart and fun spirit!

Sliding on the World's Largest Dinosaur
We laughed lots with Grandpa and Grandma, especially while Playing Pegs and Jokers too late every night and eavesdropping on the crazy camp neighbours.  Oh, the wonderful memories we have.  Soon, I'll have to wrap up Trip Treasures, but it really is so fun to savour our trip this way!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving me a glimpse into the week!! I keep hearing bits and pieces here.