Friday, August 05, 2011

Trip Treasures #1

I've wanted to take the time to remember all the special moments from our vacation to Cypress Hills & Drumheller.  This morning it seems to be appropriate timing.  I need some sanity.  Nothing better for gaining some than stopping to breathe and count blessings, right?  And finally, I have a re-warmed cup of coffee in my hand, which I made at 7:15 this morning.  Not to even be sipped until this moment.  Seriously kids, you are driving me nuts!

So breathe, sip, and remember picking wild strawberries.

So tiny but so incredibly delicious.

(Now just imagine the scene of me carrying Lanelle to her bed, screaming, because she wanted the book Kellen was reading.  I promise her I'll help her pick out another. Tell her to come out when she's not screaming anymore).

Okay, I'm back here now.  With these pictures waiting on the screen... 

ha!ha!  They may fight, but they are also so sweet with each other.  Lanelle was scared and feeling lost in the tall grass on the way back to the campsite.  Kellen so sweetly came to her rescue and guided her out.  And Lanelle so sweetly thanked him.

I am thankful for the search for wild strawberries and for sibling sweetness.

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