Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trip Treasures #3

I invited a guest to share about a highlight of the trip (for some of us).  Ian spotted this guy hiding near a campsite.  I heard about this moment several times (more than I cared to) during the remainder of the trip.  I received many requests to print one of his prized pictures.  So I thought it appropriate to share and invited him to do so.  Thinking he might have something to say.  Apparently he is only wordy when speaking, because this is what he has written for you:

wow 5 yards from a big whitetail buck that don't happen every day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Janet, I so-o-o love your blog. You are a marvelous photographer and a great story teller - (although I suppose some of your skill is a direct result of the incredibly beautiful children you photograph - to say nothing of their intelligence and charm!)

However, with respect to your last blog, I understand and deeply sympathise with your exposure to the endless repitition . . .

But please give him a superior stare or something - with love from his mother for saying "That don't happen!"

With love from the grammar police,