Monday, August 29, 2011


Thinking: about my East Coast trip with SIL Andrea!  oh, October, you can come quickly!
Drinking:  water :)
Enjoying: Nevey's cute sounds
Hoping:  I can finish my KAL sweater tonight
Smelling: Baby's head, mmm.
Watching: Baby Einstein (a first for Nevey)
Wishing:  baby had stayed asleep the first time I put her to bed tonight
Planning: to finish my KAL sweater tonight
Needing:  a housecleaner, like usual
Marvelling: at my calmness
Looking:  at fireplaces on Pinterest
Wanting: renovations to magically be done (before they've actually begun)
Wondering: if Neve would go to sleep for her Daddy
Loving: the idea of a week long vacation from this
Knowing:  I best go put Neve to bed so I can get to knitting, because i will finish this sweater by the deadline.

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