Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Little bits of happiness.

It was super frustrating to not be able to move pictures from my camera to my computer since Monday.  I was going to post some of Monday's Happiness, but after frustrating attempts I abandoned the post.  Yesterday I would have posted Tuesday Blues, because that's the kind of day it was.  Besides, I still couldn't get pictures.  Today I have spent pretty much all my free afternoon time solving the problem (Kellen is at a library program, Lanelle is happily playing and Neve is sleeping - for a few more minutes hopefully).  Today I am somewhere in between Happiness and Blues.  I'm at least looking for little bits of happiness to shake off the miserable blues.  And while it may be the most simple thing, this mug never ceases to make me happy.  And, my computer was slowly uninstalling my camera and I was trying to entertain myself so I didn't become unbearably frustrated.
While diapers probably don't bring much happiness to many people.  This diaper brought oh so much happiness to me.  I converted a boring rectangle prefold diaper (which leaks way too much) to a fitted, elastisized diaper.  Thrilling, seriously. And, a huge money saver.
 Paired with my wool diaper cover, I made myself the happiest, although oh-so-tired, mama (after the midnight diaper conversion project).
I am getting excited to make Neve some long woolies as summer is winding down, but first I am finishing this project. 
 My effortless cardigan.  I finished the second sleeve on the weekend.  It felt so good to try it on.  Now to finish the collar band.  I can't wait.
I asked my Dad recently how much he remembered his mom knitting.  (She was the Grandma who taught me to knit.)  Did she knit while travelling?  Was she always knitting?  He said not so much, just at home some.  But, my Mom pipped up telling me that on her side of the family - my Great-Grandmother knit all the time and my Grandma actually despised knitting because the house would be a complete disaster and she would ignore it all, knitting away her day.  Well, I'll try not to be quite like my Great-Grandma as I don't want my daughters to despise knitting.  But, there are days, I would certainly be happy to knit and ignore the mess.  Anyhow, just a little fun story I thought.  However, I hear Miss Neve crying now...


Davis Family said...

Whats giving you the blues? Sure hope all is well with you guys. Think you are a pretty special family and so sorry we didn't get out your way this summer - hopefully next year.

Anonymous said...

Your own advice is coming back to bite you in the butt ;-)........
"Keep calm, and knit on!!"

Love ya- Jenn