Sunday, August 07, 2011


Somehow in the middle of all the craziness, when all I feel I do is cook, clean up, change, feed, laundry...we are doing the things we enjoy.  On this documented night last week, when I was tired of feeling that way, we loaded up in the car (which that particular night felt like an ordeal) and went through a drive-thru (gasp!).  Not that it really changes things, but just for the record, I cut up a garden cucumber and took that along.  The kids swam at the beach before we moved over to the favorite fishing spot. 
 Lanelle may scream and cry and carry on if there is a spider.  But when Dad is digging up worms she is right in there.  I even have a picture of her pretending to eat one, which I don't really even like to see.
At the quiet of the beach, I was able to reframe things and let go of the frustrations of the day.  I saw things in the bigger picture.

And I even felt like laughing again.

And although the plan didn't really work to give me time to really "relax", I did catch a few moments to...
...yep, knit, of course.

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Julia said...

So beautiful Janet! I was picking my peas today and got the Peter Mayer song, Bountiful, in my head. Thought of you and those days in the lab in Saskatoon...has life changed since then!! Missing you, as always,