Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beach Sweater.

Sweater done.  Neve tried to not let me finish it.  She woke up all evening long last night.  Poor girl, I think her incoming tooth is really bothering her.  Poor mama who just wanted to knit.  But, at the beach today, it happened.  I finished the KAL sweater (deadline tomorrow, whew.)  I think wearing this during the winter will remind me of summer beach days (and I'll probably find sand in it for awhile).

It's not hard to forgive Neve for being fussy.  When she is happy, she is just so cute!

We got to enjoy the beach with some favorite cousins today.  And they played, played, and played all day.  I hardly had any complaints and very few requests.  It was probably our last beach day.  Okay, we may sneak some in still if the weather cooperates in September, but with Kindergarten starting next week, it feels like we are moving past summer beach days.  Plus the weather forcast for the rest of this week is not hinting at any beach days.  It felt kind of sad.  We have loved the beach this summer.

I didn't take my camera today :(  But I'll bet Angela can hook me up :)

In lieu of todays captured memories being shared, here are my favs from the weekend:

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Angela said...

I really need to upload pictures! Thanks again for the amazing, amazing beach day! It made my body and soul SO happy! I'm also glad you got some pics of the picnic since I didn't. I loved that night too. The sun was so magical in the trees and on the water. Precious times ;)